Send music for free to mobile phone?

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Does anyone know a website that i can send a song to my mobile without subscription for free?
Update : Its not to my phone, want to send to someone elses phone... and i dont more
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ltheres a website called limewire you can get the songs from there then bluetooth it to your phone
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  • And Why Not? answered 7 years ago
    I connect to my PC via a lead or bluetooth and send them that way, I usually send a full track as my ringtone, or you can get ringtones from P2P sites like Limewire, Frostwire or Bitlord


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  • voyager answered 7 years ago
    can you not connect it to your pc and transfer tracks from there..should be able to buy a lead to connect ..
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  • magiclady2007 answered 7 years ago
    depending on what sort of fone you have you can download tunes from this gives you the option of choosing the model of fone you have to download then your friend will have to ethier use bluetooth or send via message
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