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How many of you know that the Aclu was founded by a communist and is doing more harm to the U.S.A. than good?

Roger Nash Baldwin - the founding, long time, director of ACLU. Born to wealth, at the time of the founding, he was deeply involved in the communist movement. As late as 1935, he gave a speech stating that his political vision was communist. During the 1940s, Baldwin would participate in the purging of communists from ACLU, against a lot of opposition, and, in the 1950s, endorsed the work of Sen. Joseph McCarthy.


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    Yes, absoultely

    The ACLU was founded by and for Communists

    Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, ACLU co-founder, the National Chairman of the Communist Party in the US

    Upton Sinclair, founded the California chapter of the ACLU, in 1906 the Socialist Party of America candidate for Congress

    Crystal Eastman ACLU co-founder, blacklisted and thus rendered unemployable during the Red Threat of 1919-1921

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    All these good little Leftists will point out a couple of examples out of the 1000's of cases they have been involved where the ACLU defended Right-Wingers like Rush Limbaugh and Larry Craig in defense of this Communist organization. Even though they know the ACLU was in fact defending drug use and homosexuality not the parties involved, it was simply the perfect opportunity to continue to defend their multicultural, secularist, socialist agenda while appearing to be non-biased.

    I'm sure most people did not know Baldwin was a Communist but it is simply impossible to ignore that his organization's agenda is so closely tied to that of Communism.

    Source(s): See there's Lola, playing the handbook.
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    This may be hard to understand in this day and age, especially after the cold war, but in the 1930's in the depths of the depression, communism and/or socialism actually seemed like a good idea (especially if you and your family were starving) to some very reasonable people.

    The fact is the rich and their greed, along with a lack of government controls, did play a major role in causing the Depression.

    This was long before the Russians had shown their true colors (or we at least didn't know what was going on there) and Red China did not even exist. For many people this was just a theory from a German philospopher (Karl Marx) which made some sense. It didn't make them pro-Soviet, despite McCarthy's claims.

    I think it's easy to play 20/20 hindsight 70 years later, but at that time it may have been an easy mistake to make.

    I don't think his past political beliefs has anything to do with the ACLU, and I don't think they are doing more harm than good (easy to think that if you are white and middle class, isn't it? Less easy to think that if your black kids who are in college and not in gangs are getting targeted and sometimes getting the crap beat out of them by white cops for no reason.)

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    The ACLU would have this country in the toilet. They knowingly defend criminals and injustices to this country. I knew it was a communist that started it, and I am glad you brought it up. All of us need to be reminded of how the communists will twist and turn like snakes to try to gain a stronghold on this country.

    God Bless you!

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    Yes, I hear you and yes, I believe the ACLU has crossed over the line many times in actually doing harm to our legal system.

    I start getting really tired of them and now everything they say I have to really question.

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    I think most Americans have been aware of this fact for some time . The ACLU has only ONE agenda , and that`s to destroy the U.S. insidiously , by opening the doors to child molesters , murderers , traitors , and anything else that`ll help them in their insane agenda .

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    Thanks. I always suspected this may be the case, but now I have evidence.

    Mich appreciated.

    By the way, are Roger Baldwin and the famous Anti-American "Hollywood" Baldwins related?

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    I've asked my Senators to get this organization abolished. They are against anything Christian and they are the antichrist organization of the century.

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    I have done research on the ACLU and that is absolutely CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    A M E R I C A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The ACLU was founded to protect us from people who hate freedom and hate America.

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