what is the difference between EDGE and EGPRS?

what is the difference between EDGE and EGPRS ?

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    EDGE :

    · Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE)

    EDGE is an enhancement to the GSM networks which makes use of theTDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) frame structure, logic channel and 200 KHz carrier bandwidth. EDGE is not only capable of providing three times the data capacity of GPRS but also has improved data transmission reliability. EDGE is employed for advanced mobile services that require high data transmission rate such as downloading of audio and video clips, high speed and quality Internet access etc, EDGE is classified as a 2.75G network technology.

    EGPRS :

    · It is related to 3G.3G- 3rd Generation Technology

    3G (or 3-G) is short for third-generation technology. It is used in the context of mobile phone standards. The services associated with 3G provide the ability to transfer simultaneously both voice data (a telephone call) and non-voice data (such as downloading information, exchanging email, and instant messaging). In marketing 3G services, video telephony has often been used as the killer application for 3G.Worldwide roll-out of 3G networks was delayed in some countries by the enormous costs of additional spectrum licensing fees. In many parts of the world 3G networks do not use the same radio frequencies as 2G, requiring mobile operators to build entirely new networks and license entirely new frequencies; a notable exception is the United States where carriers operate 3G service in the same frequencies as other services. The license fees in some European countries were particularly high, bolstered by initial excitement over 3G’s potential. Other delays were as a result of the expenses related to upgrading equipment for the new systems. Japan and South Korea were relatively quick to adopt 3G, because their governments prioritize technological infrastructure development, and spectrum licensing fees are minimal. Currently 3G compatible phones in are sold in India by Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung etc, but currently no operators are providing their services based on 3G.

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    Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE) or Enhanced GPRS (EGPRS), is a digital mobile phone technology that allows it to increase data transmission rate and improve data transmission reliability. Although technically a 3G network technology it is generally classified as the unofficial standard 2.75G, due to its slower network speed. EDGE has been introduced into GSM networks around the world since 2003, initially in North America.

    It can be used for any packet switched application such as an Internet connection. High-speed data applications such as video services and other multimedia benefit from EGPRS' increased data capacity. EDGE Circuit Switched is a possible future development.

    EDGE Evolution continues in Release 7 of the 3GPP standard providing doubled performance e.g. to complement High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA).


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    EGPRS is GPRS operating over EDGE. GPRS is General Packet Radio Service. A packet-switched technology that enables data communications. GPRS is used for various data applications on phones, including wireless Internet (WAP), MMS, and software that connects to the Internet. Basically, any network connection that is not voice or text messaging uses a data connection like GPRS. GPRS offers a tenfold increase in data speed over previous (circuit-switched) technologies, up to 115kbit/s (in theory). Typical real-world speeds are around 30-40 Kbps. Newer technologies like EDGE and 3G are much faster. and EDGE is Enhanced Data for Global Evolution. An upgrade for GSM/GPRS networks that triples data rates (speed) over standard GPRS.

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    what is the difference between EDGE and EGPRS?

    what is the difference between EDGE and EGPRS ?

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