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Co-ed schools in UK/Scotland

I dont want boarding schools. Its because I wanna go to the gigs of some bands.

Im applying for year 9! MUST BE CO-ED SCHOOL THOUGH.

Can you please list the good schools in bristol, leeds, new castle upon tyne, london, glasgow ETC.? Thnx.

**local schools are okay too, Im a british citizen.


any school in uk =)


hey thnx.

i aint sure about whether i should leave or not though.

i wanna see madina lake ma...~~ heeehee

err, idk, have you heard of gosforth high? its in newc gar, idk but i think its good, i really dun like boarding schools ma........

and i prefer co-ed schools ah!

Update 2:

btw marrisa dated ian watkins like a long long time ago...which means she was about 17/18 i guess. and now shes 21. maybe she was 16 when she dated ian ==. ai........................................lol. hope that fugly biatch will break up w/jade. lols.

Update 3:

Im actaully 13.

idk when should i leave..............................

Update 4:


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    I hate boarding schools too cos its crap! Well, if you want to watch gigs, I suggest you go to the schools in London. But those kind of schools are kind of bad as most of the students are chavs, they smash things and steal peoples stuff. Especially in Brixton, that is the worst place in the whole London----> the security is really rubbish. And I saw a petrol station was smashed in pieces of glass.....

    Anyway, I am studying in England too, but my school is in Windsor, have you heard of the Windsor Castle? My school is somewhere near there. This school is okay, but the school uniform is horrible.

    2007-10-07 21:52:55 補充:

    The colour is DARK GREEN!! Jeez, what a nigtmare... Yeh, I wear white shirt, dark green jumper, same coloured blazer, same coloured skirt and green tights!!! Nice, isnt it?

    2007-10-07 21:53:43 補充:

    The teachers are cool, my friend said one of the History teachers is having a crush on her. (WTF?!) He is not bad-looking but he is not my type lol. Apparently the headteacher is planning to have a end of school year prom!

    2007-10-07 21:56:40 補充:

    How old are you? Are you 14? If you are you will skip year8 and go to year 9 straight away. Year 9 is fun, but soon you go to year 10 you would want to jump out of the window and runaway!

    2007-10-07 21:56:58 補充:

    Now I am in Year 11 (I am 15 now) and I find that school is like ghost trains - the teachers are trying to scare you to death!!!

    2007-10-07 21:59:19 補充:

    But I am very sorry that my school is a girls school and its called Windsor Girls Schoolhttp://www.school-portal.co.uk/GroupHomepage.asp?G...

    2007-10-08 01:37:40 補充:

    Yeh, that Marissa Festa really is a sl*t. She doesnt suit to be Jades girlfriend or Ian, but she is oly a little stupid chick who know nothing at all apart from having sex with cool men.

    2007-10-08 01:38:10 補充:

    http://buzznet-71.vo.llnwd.net/assets/users15/adam... doesnt seem to be drowning in happiness though.

    2007-10-08 01:41:29 補充:

    yeh gosforth high is a real cool school

    2007-10-08 01:41:57 補充:

    I recommend you leave HK before they start year10 coz you gotta choose your options for GCSE and you gotta study those subjects since you go to Year 10

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