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historical factors created sociology?

Hi there,

I have the sociology test next week. The question on my study guide is explaining three historical factors helped to promote the field of sociology. I know that three factors are scientific revolution, colonization,and industrial revolution. But I need more specific answers about why and how they helped to create sociology.

Is anyone knows the answers please help me. Thank u

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    Nobody here has the space to explain it like your book.

    Skip Robbie's answer, it is too confusing. And, for someone who claims to know sociology he should know you are looking for something prior to the "chicago school."

    Science opened our minds to reasoning and to ideas other than religious ones.

    Colonization introduced us to cultures other than our own.

    And, the industrial Revolution pulled people together into large cities in a competitive style of living, yet we had to work together.

    What was society before these things occurred, and what did it become, how did it "thrive?"

    You need to understand this for your test and the book has the answers.

    Source(s): A prof. of Sociology
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    This is the truth, take this down.When Chicargo was in its elements, it had drawn millions or thousands to its city because there was money to be made there. The steel works was underway and it was the prime location because of the river location making it easier for transportation to other cities, with the likes of metal and wood during the period of industrialization. Now it was also studied widley because it had all the zones from rich to poor, crime, delinquents, gangs, buggsy malon,alcapon, and sex drug alcohol. Rockafella sponsered millions into a the university there bring double pay to all the best lecturers in the world. Therefore it become the most popular in the world as we all know. There is where the Sociology department started. Great location because it was all there in its prime time.They used Karl Marxs and Emile Durkeims theories to give more precise works to the spanner of sociology. Criminology,anthopology,american studies,gender studies, hip hop are all branches of sociology. They all jumped on the wagon after doing all there masters in different fields. Now historical sociologists didnt see themselves as sociologists but more philosophers or social scientists.Hope this helps. I done five years in soci.

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    do your research and stop asking us here in ya because we are as unknowledgable as you are! if you want proof jusst look at some of the answer to lots of questions and you will understand. i think one factors you can add to the 3 factors you mention that is very important is the human factor.

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    first know the meaning of that SOCIOLOGY ,then how it sprang !Do not forget human behaviors- the axis- who make up the social sciences!

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