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how do i get rid of the orange tip of my airsoft gun?

Airsoft is about realism and simulation, the only thing keeping airsoft back from total physical realism is the stupid orange tip on the front of the barrel. can you please tell me how to cover it up or take it off. and if i take it off will i be able to put it back on? the tip isnt really that necesary if you handle the gun with care, and be mature about taking the gun out in public. i figured if i just cover the tip with black tape the inside of the tip will still be showing. Im afraid that if i spray paint it, it will cause friction and slow the BB down or affect accuracy.



please, i know the rules, im not an idiot that walks out with it in the middle of the street, i wanna take it of in sealed envroments and sponsered fields, where it is leagal to take off!

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    Shove a dowel into the barrel ... seal it with tape so that just the "ring" around the barrel is covered. Spray paint it black.

    When it dries - pull off the tape... remove the dowel.

    There... your bb-gun now has a black tip and a bright orange 1/10" circle of orange WAY out front where the user cannot see it (unless you're pointing the gun at yourself).

    Of course, it's now illegal and you can get in trouble with law enforcement personnel if they find this weapon in your possession or in your vehicle.

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    The best possible answer is to completely replace the entire flash hider. With no statement on what the gun/barrel is I can't be more specific but unless it's some real cheap gun where you can't remove the flash hider then just buy a new flash hider, take off the old one (use a tool since it is probably glued on, may scratch the orange tip but oh well) then replace with a fresh flash hider ordered online.

    If you must paint over the existing, then the best method is to get a dremel and remove the layer of orange and then paint over in black. That way contact doesn't cause orange reveals as previously stated. You can completely avoid any friction with the bb by simply wadding some paper down the inner barrel and a little clearance on the end. Paint over, remove the paper wadding when dry and there will be no possible conflict.

    Of course it is illegal to have an airsoft gun without an orange tip but you'll never win the argument with these people that it is "ok". I have a simple solution. I have a roll of blaze orange tape. When I am transporting my replica to a new field or an unknown environment I throw some orange tape on the end. Once I get to the field I remove it. Legal except while in combat.

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    From your previous post I beleave you got an Echo 1 M16 Designated Marksmen Rifle. I own an Echo 1 M4 and my tip is completely black, and Im still alive.

    The tip that comes with Echo 1 is nice, orange and laminated, so if you plan to just quickly paint it iver, then you are screwed as he paint till flake off leavign orange spots. The easyest solution would be to put some electric tape over it. It will look crappy, but it will work. If you want to dedicate the time though, your gonna have to sand the tip down to bare metal, and then apply some flat black.

    Saying that removing the orange tip is a suiced is wrong. You have to be a complete idiot to handle a gun in sich a way that the cops get called out. And even if they do get called, and they do come, then all you do is stay calm, tell the officer its an airsoft replica, and follow what they say. COPS WONT SHOOT YOU UNLESS YOU GIVE THEM A REASON.

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    Dude, do not completely get rid of the orange tip. Most cops freak about it, even though it isn't a big deal. I know it's distracting and can give away your position, so the best thing to do is to bring black electric tape and tape it over the tip while you're playing, then to cut it off later.

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    Here's a tip for yah...

    Paint that tip flat/matte black (you can paint the whole gun if you want...) just remove what you don't want painted... (grips...etc.)

    For the inside of the barrel tip, 1st stick a q-tip inside so as not to get the inside of the barrel painted...(at the same time it'll be easier to get it out when your done...) ...Have fun now.

    Be Safe :-)

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    I do not believe that's accurate

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    sharpie thn nail poish to take it off but im not sure about the nail polish so test it on something else first

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    The orange tip is so that law enforcement personnel know it is not a real weapon. It is there to save your life. I would leave it in place!!

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    DONT TAKE IT OFF. the orange tip is so cops can tell it's not a REAL GUN. If they see you walking around with a airsoft without an orange tip, they might shoot you.

    have fun!

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    Leave the orange on your toy. You don't want to give a cop a reason to think you are playing with a real gun.

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