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Contract extensions in 2k8?

how to you extend a player's contract in NHL 2k8 before the end of the season? i got a message telling me a player would be easier to resign, but i don't know how to extend his contract.


i know they're really similar. they made all that hype about the faceoffs and they're no different. but the graphics are better and the rosters are up to date. also having Selanne and Forsberg as free agents did help. but i could have survived with 2k7 too

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    I'm not sure, but I love the Washington Capitals too.

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    Lmao i got that message about 6 different players lmao, but i havn't figured it out either, oh btw did you own 2k7 before you got 2k8? cause they are like the EXACT same thing, im not even kidding im pretty angry lol.

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