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What computer systems are immune or unlikely to be attacked by malware?

I have a PC and we used Firefox and Windows XP, but in the past two months, dozens of Malware programs have downloaded onto our PC. I have two blocker programs and several programs that will delete some malware, but nothing has deleted this dialer or a few of the other pieces of malware. I have spent numerous days and nights reviving my computer from a comatose state. The dialer malware even opens up Internet Explorer all by itself.

So, if possible I am thinking of getting a system that will be unlikely to be attacked. Does anyone know what will work? There must be something out there because all of the libraries I visit are always up and running.

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    Your problem is not that you need a different system.. I highly recommend finding a reliable tech in your area who can correct and educate.

    1) You only need 1 pop up blocker.. which is already available within the IE browser that came with your computer.

    2) You only need antivirus / firewall from a RELIABLE vendor like McAfee and possibly Spybot S&D for anti-spyware/anti-adware. As long as these are properly configured and automatically updating the needed files.. they will keep you very safe (as long as you also have common sense and a little knowledge).

    Those "many malware" removal prorams you have are probably malware themselves... as many disguise themselves to by removal and are the opposite.

    Always get the program directly from the vendor (or an approved mirror from their own site) here is spybot's site:

    3)You say you have a problem with the Generic.Dialer right?

    This is what is called a PuP (potentially unwanted program).

    Your anti-virus software must either be specifically configured to check for these!! << AND/OR you need to understand what to click when your A/V / Firewall tells you "I see a PuP what do you want me to do?"

    You can read all about what the Generic.Dialer is and what it does and how to remove it and how to protect in future from it from McAfee:

    You already know how to basically work the PC.. I personally recommend sticking with it and completing the learning process by taking a course in Security Awareness and Basic Computer maintenance for home user (as I said I used to help private clients and I always would educate them at same time to empower them... really, you're almost there you just need to learn to stop listening to people who spout crap they don't know or are trying to con you and you'll be fine).

    Good luck.

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    Well, no computer system is immune but software can help any system with malware problems. Along with a good virus scanner such as Kaspersky, I would recommend a commercial spyware/malware program called Spysweeper. It stays in the background while you are on the internet and zaps spyware/malware right on the spot. You don't have to do anything but install it and let it do its job. Plus it updates itself to guard against all the new malware programs that come out.

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    you talk about programs to block malware but didn't say any thing about virus or spyware programs.

    You need all 3 to work hand in hand to have a good layer on layer protection.

    AVG for virus

    spybot search & destroy both of these can be found at

    www, section under anti-virus & spyware


    superantispyware found at

    make sure you update all 3 programs before running them.

    then once these programs are updated, turn off internet and run each program one at a time, AVG will run on it own ever time computer is connected and will updated itself, they other 2 you must manualy run & updated but at least they are free.

    after running them. reboot and connect and run again while connected.

    also go to control panel, internet option-security tab- set slide to med-high to stop alot of pop-up, next click privacy tab and make sure pop-ups box is checked. click ok.

    also be sure your doing a disk clean regularly.

    no matter what browser you use, no matter what OS you use you will still get virus & spyware & malware, you just need to run the right protection and use is often and things will run much better for you.

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    A Mac would be the most well-known one. Any of the *ix's (Unix, Linux distributions... actually macs run on unix now) are great and the open source ones cost a lot less too.

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    you need to get rid of the virus/malware from SAFE MODE or it will keep reloading

    also some of the site you are visiting are sending these to you. you can get reinfected every time you visit them.

    Apple OS and Linux OS are less likely to be infected

    using Firefox, Opera, Flock as browsers are less likely to be attacked.

    Do you have a firewall installed?

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    Which blocker programs did you try?

    I made my own rootkit blocker process. Give it a try.


    - CarlD

    You can try newer programs or versions.

    If it reinfects your PC every time you boot, that's a rootkit.

    I'll post a link.

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    linux is imune 99.9999%

    I have been running it for months and no trouble at all dont let anyone fool ya check it out on the web for yourself and download a copy to try and its FREE

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    Yes its Mallware . or someting program crash

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