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bigger butt??

do squats make them bigger if you use weights cause thats what i want a bigger butt i already have like a medium kinda one but i wish it could be more toned and bigger would this help? and has this worked for any of you from your experience?

also any other tips for getting a big butt would be good


are lunges better

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    The only way to build a rounder butt is to do glute exercises with resistance. You have to actually build the muscle to make your butt look bigger....I had the same issue. I have been working with a trainer since January and this is what we have doing to perfect my behind

    you need to have access to a gym

    Take a weighted bar, or a barbell with about 10-15lbs to it on your shoulders. step forward and lunge 5x then step forward with the other leg and lunge 5x. then stand with legs shoulder width apart and do 5 squats, reapeat this sequence 10x.

    on the smith machine put a 10lb weight on each side. Do 15 squats. Then switch to a lunge position and do 15 reps lunging on each side.

    Use the glute machine and do 20 reps of kickbacks

    take and exercise ball lay on the floor knees bend with your heels on top of the ball...slowly lift your glutes and back off the floor keeping your shoulders on the floor while squeezing your buttocks, do 15 reps

    Leg press 15 reps start off with about 20 lbs

    hip abduction and induction machines, three sets of 15 reps, start at about 50 lbs

    as you do these exercises you will periodically have to add more weight as you become stronger, if you get through with your sets and don't feel the same burn as you used to then you know it's time to increase a little

    Source(s): my personal trainer
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    Yeah I wanted well not a bigger butt but I wanted it to have more shape and stuff and I did squats , like 3 sets of 8 twice a day and started using weights when it got easy,and also did lunges it definatley worked

  • Debra
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    4 years ago

    I like small butts I do not like a big butt but that is just me

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    Sqauts are great but, Lunges get it big and make it very toned. There easy to do and you will feel it as you do it.

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    depends what you mean by "big". If you want it to be big and toned you should do lunges, squats and raises for your lower back.

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    They Make The Butt Firmer But Not Bigger

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    Yep, squats and lunges.

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    yes it tones your butt

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    yes weights help but you want to be toned not buff

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    I'm sorry hun but it does actually the opposite, it makes your but slimmer....if you use weights thenn umm...mabbey?..probaly won't get bigger but you can count on it to get more toned! And are you sure you want a big but.You'll get teased and laughed at behind your back [happened to a friend] So honey I would REALLY not get a big butt on perpose, but for toning lunges and xquats,also dfid you know sprinting helps!...also speed malking and high knee walking or running, GOOD LUCK!

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