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Remodeling Bathroom?

Hi. I am remodeling my bathroom and noticed there are two seperate vent pipes (one for sink, one for tub.)

They are the standard 3" pipes, and I would like to take one of them out so I can do more with my bathroom.


Will this be a problem?

Thanks all


Most homes only have one vent. This is why I ask. Mine has two in the bathroom and one in the kitchen, and is a very small house...

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    Yes. You have to have the vent pipes to keep your plumbing system up to code. Also, you might allow sewer gasses to vent into the bath room without the proper vents.

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    Keep the tub vent and use a studor vent for the sink.They are code everywhere and sell for under ten dollars.

    Source(s): master carpenter 30 years
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    Well, both need to be vented. You might join both with a Y and just have one vent but then you still have both stinkpipes coming out of your roof? Sounds like more trouble than it's worth.

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