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Typing Trouble?

I have to type reports for my teachers at school.But I cant find a place where I can type with spell check and other things that check my work.Please Help!!!!!!

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    Check out your computer. It should have a button on it somewhere that will help you check your spelling. If not take more time typing and check each word you type to make sure the spelling is correct. Mistakes are always made when typing so don't stress yourself out to the point of crying. That will just make matters worse and you will make more mistakes. Read your computer book if necessary to find how to check for spelling errors.

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    You won't find it in Word Pad. You need to use a word processor like Works. All word processing programs have spell checkers. Usually the symbol is in your toolbar with "abc" in the box. Just click on it and it will check your spelling and grammar.

    Source(s): I use it all the time in Works Word Procesor
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    You can do it right here on yahoo answers. Type your report here then copy and paste it into notepad or wordpad.

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