should american kids learn to play soccer? if u say yes or no explain why?

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    They play a lot of soccer in the states at the kid level. Just because they are not good at the adult level does not mean they dont play.

    Unfortunately other sports have priority so they end up taking all the talent both at player level as well as the coaching level.

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    1. The impliment is that they would have to learn the sport, like it or not. It's one thing to expose them into soccer in elementary school or Junior High gym class...I have no problem with that. But to make a rule that a kid would have to play it like they would little league baseball or pop warner football.....would be completly stupid. Why? because the kids should be allowed to choose what sport(s) they are that they can decide what they want to play. If they choose to play soccer, then it will be because they want to play soccer, and if they choose to play a different sport...then they will play that instead.

    Most elementary and junior high gym classes already spend a few weeks each year on teaching kids about soccer. Why only a few? because they also go for track and field, baseball, basketball, flag football, Tennis, Golf and other sports as they only have a limited amount of time to dedicate to a single sport. Kids already get exposure to soccer as it is.....they don't need to be forced into it. It's a game where either you will love it, or you will hate it. That's how it's always been in this country...and my it always will be.

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    If I'm not mistaken, I believe soccer has long since surpassed little league baseball as the number 1 U.S. youth sport. So, yes, of course American kids should learn to play soccer. I'm an advocate for youth partaking in all organized sports. It builds character at a young age and teaches teamwork - something they certainly are NOT learning in the school system.

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    I don't see why not? I played for 5 years and I loved it! I miss it a lot actually. When I was playing I wanted to be on the US team. I think its a good idea.. Its all up to the kids really. Soccer is the number one sport in my city.. The only reason why I got out of soccer was b/c I wanted to go back into dancing... I guess one passion won the other.

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    Yes, it allows them to play outside and get exercise, instead of playing video games or watching TV indoors. It allows them to interact with other children and play as a team.

    As for parents, I'm sure it's better in their minds that the kids play soccer over football when they're young. Not sure if they like to see their kids tackling each other... Also, soccer is much less height dependent than other team sports. Most pro football and basketball players are over 6 foot tall. Many of the pro baseball's stars are also... Soccer doesn't require height unless you're a goalkeeper. Not everyone is blessed with Lebron James size and height...

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    You bet.

    You can play soccer anywhere where it's fairly open and flat, organize games fairly quickly, and all you need is a fair or good soccer ball.

    North American style football is way too expensive and it takes time to put the gear on-- if you can even afford it.

    Soccer is inclusive, football is the opposite.

    Healthwise, you do a lot more running while playing soccer. Much better.

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    My answer would be a resounding "YES!" Why, you may ask?

    The rest of the world seems to play soccer all through life, from young to old. We, in the USA, are one of the only countries that is not on board. Canada is not so much on the soccer train as it is hockey. Still, go to any other continent (other than the arctic areas) and you'll see soccer being played as the common street sport.

    The "American Football" seems to be more of a joke to most other countries around the world. It seems to show that we couldn't even get rugby right in our early days. Hah! Oh well.


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    Most do learn at an early age, and it's a somewhat popular sport in schools, just not nearly as popular as American football or baseball. Most schools have teams and compete against each other. There are also private leagues for them to join and are usually representative of a particular city.

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    Yes. All 5 of my boys play soccer. My oldest has trained with premier leagues. I coach 7th grade boys. I am not a great coach but they would not have team had I not done it. I think especially with Beckham coming to the US it is going to become more and more popular. Soccer is my favorite sport to watch because you never get bored. It is so faced paced and exciting. My boys all play baseball to and until they get to the Babe Ruth Level I think it is so slow paced and boring. Football well I love it but still I like soccer best.

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    I don't think I've ever known an american kid that didn't play on a soccer team at least once. So, yes, but they already do. I don't think the coaching is anywhere near where it is on the international level though.

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