traveling to venezuela?

I live in the US and have been thinking about traveling to Venezuela to check it out. Is anyone from there or been there that can give me any tips or information? I know our country is at odds with Venezuela and I want to see the country first hand and see what its all about.


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    Venezuela has recently been rated as the 4th most dangerous country in the World!

    4. Venezuela. Political tension and a widening gap between the high and low classes (the middle class is thinning tremendously) are to blame for this country's ridiculously high crime rates. Homicide has skyrocketed by 67% since Hugo Chavez took office in 1999. It has one of the highest gun-related deaths in the world, categorizing it as one of the most dangerous nations in Latin America and the world. Corrupt law enforcement does not do much to keep civil order, as many policemen themselves are delinquents in uniform. This causes victim citizens to take orders into their own hands. Hitmen can be hired for as little as $20. People are shot and killed for petty reasons such as dirty looks and insults. Murders in Venezuela average 5 per day in a nation of 25.6 million.

    **None of this would keep me from going. It is still a vibrant and beautiful country...but I might think twice before I insulted anyone.

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    Venezuela is a beautiful country... but it's also very dangerous... I do recommend that if you go, you be careful where you go and what you wear... try not to go around looking too much like a tourist because well... it's likely that you will get mugged.

    Like the previous person said, it's not likely that you will be able to tell the diplomatic situation by traveling... unless you really stay a lot of times and decide to travel to different places, and different social status...

    I was born and raised in Venezuela but due to the economical/political/social/security situation I have moved to Italy... if you have any questions about where to go or not, feel free to send me a message. Just stay safe.

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    I doubt you will see firsthand anything related to diplomatic relations between the countries.

    Tourism in venezuela is pretty much beaches, nature, adventure and a bit of cosmopolitan Caracas. There may be enough in the newspapers and billboards of Chavez movement toward socialism, if you speak Spanish. If you are frequenting middle class & touristy areas you will get an earful of how much they hate Chavez and how he is ruining the country. If you enter the poor areas you will get something a bit different, perhaps manipulated by the Chavez propaganda machine.

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    Venezuela is a very unsafe country. I go there quite a lot, since my husband is Venezuelan. The problem isn't the political situation, it's the abundance of thieves, muggers, swindlers, murderers... a lot of people are out to do you harm and tourists are especially at risk. Don't go if you don't have to!

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    I live there. It's really cool and has the best beaches ever. You should go to Margarita Island or to Los Roques. It's safer there than in large cities like Caracas.

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    Quick tip: It wouldn't be the greatest place to head in 2016. They are so broke now that they can't even print new money.

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    yes...I was there for 3 and half weeks with my spouse this past may-june Of coarse like any place you need to be careful but its safe enough to travel.

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    do you have to visit margarita island and maracaibo, they are awesome cities¡

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