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Carrera Roll cyclocross bike?

I am looking at buying a used one of these bikes. Not sure of the year, but it is yellow and black with a Campy Centaur groupset and Mavic open pros. I cant find much on the web about this bike so I am asking for opinions. thanks!

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    did a search and came up with halfords. havent heard much good about halfords. the components however are decent . the campy cenetaur set is roughly the equivelent of a 105 set and i run mavik open pros on my bike and havent had any probs. again i dont know much about the frame but you have piqued my interest as this seems to be decent equip for a bike from halfords. was it stock or did the prev owner build?

    edit- carrera is used by 2 companies. 1 $#!t and the other brilliant. halfords caries the $#!t. look for a made in stamp or take it to a bike shop for a look over, if te seller is legit he shouldnt mind given the credibility issues with the name. if the frame is made in italy you are straight. if its made in roc, tiawan or vietnam, its quality is questionable. there are alot of great products made out east but in a vacum of info such as this its hard to really tell.

    good luck

    on an aside, i just purchased a cross bike my self and did a bit of research prior to purchase. im unsure of your pricepoint but i fell in love with the lemond proprad, and the scott cross. i ended up buying a 2006 cannondale optimo disc. i liked the component set and got a great deal. if you are actually going to compete in cross events be warned that the uci does not allow disc brakes in their events so choose accordingly. if however you are not competeing and just need a bike to beat the hell out of. disc brakes are nifty and novel and great for rainy day rides and muddy trail runs. i havent gotten any crap from any but the most snobish of roadies and that was as i passed them (quickly) so im ok with it.

    let me know what you end up getting.

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