can anyone tell me the reason why each of the x-men character became a mutant?i need a scientific reason.thnks

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    It depends on the character. according to the comics, apocalypse was one of the first mutants to roam the earth, though he was born a mutant, because he was abandoned because of his hideous complexion. a majority of these mutants became mutants at puberty, i don't know if it had to do with their bodies changing and their powers blossoming into something grand. others were simply given their mutation either through technology or though magic/ mysticism.

    Example of being born one: Apocalypse

    Example of Puberty: Jean Grey/ Phoenix, Iceman, a majority of the x-men

    Example of magic/ mysticism: Juggernaut, Magik

    Not everyone is the same and everyone had different origins. there is no scientific reason because one, it is fake/ fiction, and two, the only scientific thing known about mutants is it is a part of their DNA.

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    A real scientific answer? I think you're clutching at straws there...

    In the comic books, The vast majority of them were born mutants, it was an evolutionary jump that manifested around puberty. actual theories of evolution are numerous but none of them include super abilities I'm afraid :(

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    the definition of a mutant, as opposed to heroes like Spider-Man, is that they were born that way. Sometimes the ability is dormant & brought out by some later action, but it is inborn (the surfer dude--Lifeguard's brother, can't remember his name--had his powers activated by Sage). A handful--but not many--of mutants had as part of their backstory parents who were exposed to radiation before the kids were born (Beast, for example).

    Most manifest abilities at puberty or at moments of great stress.

    PS to Cutedervish--Wolverine's mutant abilities are the speed-healing, bone claws, & heightened senses; the adamantium came as part of an experiment. Magneto (unless they've altered his origin in the comics) was simply one of the 1st mutants--no experiments that I'm aware of.

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    It depends on the character. For example Magnito became a mutant though a scientific experiment that went wrong. So did Wolverine. On the other hand mutants like Iceman and Jubelle we born like that

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