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Do you think ,nowadays,the princes and the princesses,should be a virgin?

How about Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco?He's dating Alex Dellal rite now

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    What a question. With all the rampant disease ( HIV, AIDS etc) in the world, one would think that not only the royals would want to stay virgins, but so would everyone else.

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    Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco is not a princess, although she holds no royal titles, she is 4th in line to the throne of Monaco. Virginity is no longer a sacred practice within the royal traditions. Royal members are not Gods nor are they being worshipped like one, they are normal human beings who experience what everyone else goes through.

    As for being a virgin in general, everyone (including the royals) has the decision to decide whether they want to save their "virginity" til marriage or give it to someone they truly love. It is really up to the individual and whether they are royalty or not, does not take that right away.

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    Come on, this is the 21st century. Those ideas are long gone. Is Kate Middleton a virgin? Do you think she will be tested if she and William are to marry? Nope.

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    Gosh, I don'n rent mind space to such trasheteria

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    i think everyone whos not married should be a virgin or should atleast be practising secondary virginity

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    Your question is virgin on the ridiculous!

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    Everyone except parents should be!

  • Nora
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    1 decade ago

    NO, this is their private business

  • 1 decade ago

    Only if they choose to be.

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