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    Obviously, you will have advantage if your undergraduate major is in biochemistry, chemistry, molecular biology (or cell biology) ... etc. In some cases, some medicine students go to study pharmacology in graduate school. Of course, if your undergrad. major is pharmacy, you are better prepared than other non-pharmacy major

    If you want to study pharmacology (study of drugs), the above paragraph applies. Since the research of pharmocology is about how the drugs react with our body (or other organisms), you should have a significant background in biology and chemistry.

    However, if you intend to study Pharm D (Doctor of Pharmacy), you don't need to be major in biology or chemistry related subject. Since Pharm D main job function is to give prescription to patients according to what the doctor prescribe, it is not so research oriented. You just need to have sufficient number of classes in chemistry (esp. in biochem ) or biology (esp in molecular or cell biology).

    You can go to website of the school you want to apply to see what subject that school prefers.

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