不好意思! 我想請各位幫我一下

就是阿~我之前在 momo親子台 看(花田一路)

看完 它的片尾曲是英文的

我覺得很好聽 但是我不知道那首歌的名字較什麼><

請各位幫我找一下好嗎? 謝謝大家囉︿︿

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    歌名4 I Believe My Heart 音樂劇之王安德魯洛伊韋伯音樂劇「白衣女郎」主題曲

    歌手4 Duncan James (偶像團體Blue成員) & Keedie

    收錄專輯4 I Believe My Heart (Keedie的專輯,2004.11.18發行)



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    歌詞 6

    Whenever I look at you

    the world disappears

    all in a single glance so revealing

    you smile and I feel as though

    I've known you for years

    how do I know to trust what I'm feeling?

    I believe my heart

    what else can I do

    when every part of every thought

    leads me straight to you

    I believe my heart

    there's no other choice

    for now whenever

    my heart speaks

    I can only hear your voice

    The lifetime before we met

    has faded away

    how did I live a moment without you?

    You don't have to speak at all

    I know what you'd say

    and I know every secret about you

    I believe my heart

    it believes in you

    it's telling me

    that what I see

    is completely true

    I believe my heart

    how can it be wrong

    it says that what I feel for you

    I will feel my whole life long


    I believe my heart

    and it believes in you

    it's telling me

    that what I see

    is completely true

    And with all my soul

    I believe my heart

    the portrait that it paints of you

    is a perfect work of art

    I'm afraid it doesn't do you justice

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    歌名: I Believe My Heart


    Source(s): 英文老歌
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