How do I market myself as a design/architect consultant in Jamaica?

How to find Designers/Architects in Jamaica?

How do I market myself as a consulting designer/architect for companies building in Jamaica? I am trying to plan a move to JA from the US and I would like to stay in the same career field of design and architecture. I know there are many overseas companies building in Jamaica right now and I think that is a good thing for me. I would like to market my skills as a freelancing consultant to the companies at a fraction of the cost they would pay their own employees to do the job. If I am living in Jamaica, they dont have to pay an employee to fly down, room and board to go and meet on the job site. I am already there! They can just pay me on an hourly or fee basis for my time. I can also have better interface and understanding with the construction team due to my knowledge of the field and culture.

I just want to know how I should start marketing myself? I already have a work permit and residency I just need the job

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    Hi i'm Jamaican and real estate is big business here more Jamaican people are into hgtv and are redesigning their homes will granite countertops,and the whole shebang. I suggest you look through the jamaican newspapers namely the jamaican gleaner and the jamaica observer. And take note of the new housing developments being advertised and try to contact those companies on a job prospect. Such as: matalon homes, house of issa, caribbean estates, chris blackwell, new era homes, carribean estates and many others. Search the jamaica yellow for their addresses etc. and contact them

    If you prefer smaller companies you can team up with jamaica architect/development from the directory listing of companies such as Maffessanti Builders and Contractors, unity limited or meet real estate people like jennifer messado or valerie levy who are experts on Jamaican real estate.

    As shown in these articles -

    Rubbing shoulders with these people will help to give you references and make you well known additionally you will learn who your target market should be,which are the developments that are doing really well and where and who to market luxury homes etc.

    Maybe later after you have had some experience you can go into your own business taking old 'plantation style' homes in kingston and making them into modern townhouses. Or get exposure of your decor skills in interior design magazines, newspaper and home improvement shows on local tv.

    That's the best i can do hope it helps and p.s. - i'm not an expert :)

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