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dreaming to achieve?

is it true that what we dream we can achieve??? if so how??? life is full of difficulties.i don`t understand

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    life is a matter of choice.. we make our own destiny. if you are really determined to achieve your dreams in life, then you can! only if you'll struggle and work so hard for it.. i agree that life is really full of difficulties. but then i realized, they are meant to come are ways to make us stronger.. they are only trials! and if we were be able to surmount them all, you'll surely feel the true happiness.. =]

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    >>Making your dreams achievable?

    Maybe you could start with smaller dreams that you know are achievable in your scope & slowly build up to larger dreams ~ use your smaller dreams as stepping stones ~ always heading in the right direction to the 'big picture' of what you want from life ~ I agree with the person above that we can achieve anything we want ~ maybe you are starting on too grand a scale for yourself though ~ One small step for man.....etc.

    >>You will achieve what you want in the end, with determination, work & perserverence..... The obstacles make us stronger people...but yes, it is hard sometimes..

    >>Dont look at the obstacles as bad things ~ consider them a challenge & your perspective will change..Know that you will be a stronger person for them...

    >>So why are you still sitting here reading this...Go run down those dreams...Good luck! Ciao!

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    hi Tiger I remember as quickly as I graduated college i had to grow to be a criminal expert to right for you haha...i could have litgator for helpful with my mouth hahaha. I artwork in finance surprising now no longer chuffed I actual produce different desires and finding into them I taking a profession artwork shop over the some with my college that I graduated from the element is I actual have desires I majored in Media i had to be a information Reporter than a criminal expert CIA agent etc.. it is sweet dream yet risky to no longer act on account which you get scared my profession counselor informed me to take toddler steps in attaining our desires and doing what we adore i'm hoping sooner or later i discover what it is sweet success with regulation college I desire you the excellent my buddie :))

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