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can yuh plzz give me a summary of this it has to be in yur words and i need it by tomorrow i luvvv yuh plzzz!?

The daily news from Capitol Hill is focused on the often-combative process of passing legislation to reform immigration, fund the war in Iraq or even reauthorize the farm bill. But it is possible to look back at another carefully negotiated bill that took a less contentious course. Ten years ago a diverse coalition of religious and human rights organizations and a bipartisan group in Congress worked together to create a system for addressing religious freedom abuses internationally that arguably is doing what it set out to accomplish. The International Religious Freedom Act, passed by vast majorities in both houses of Congress and signed into law by President Bill Clinton in October 1998, created a multipronged system for promoting religious freedom, including establishing the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom. Nearly 10 years later, some of the people involved in passing the measure point to flaws in how it has worked, but said it has improved the U.S. government's interest in and ability to respond to abuses of religious rights. Tom Fair, a former director of the State Department office charged with implementing the law, said, "There are probably hundreds, maybe thousands of people walking the earth free today because of this law." But Farr, now an author and vice chair of the board of Christian Solidarity Worldwide-USA, an international nongovernmental organization that advocates religious freedom, quickly added a caution. "But has it perceptibly reduced religious freedom abuses in the past 10 years?" he asked. "The answer is it has not."

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    The point of homework is to advance your learning while out of the classroom. I suggest you read the 150 or so words yourself and write your own summary. They don't take this bull in college, so I would get a headstart now.

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    Good god, if you type like that all the time it's no wonder you'd want somebody to do your homework for you...your teacher probably can't even read that!

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    Do it your damn self. You will never learn anything by asking others to do what you should be doing.

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    a few hundred, or even thousand is very little results indeed.

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