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Recognize This Family Tree?

Does anyone recognize a name in this family tree? Please visit and post any info.

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    Jamie dear, if you call your bank to ask them to cable you some money, because your purse was stolen while you were on vacation, the first thing they are going to ask you is your birth date and your mother or grandmother's maiden name.

    If I was a crook I could find that out from your web site, call the bank, tell them I was your husband, we were on vacation, your purse was stolen and would they please cable me your money. That is why we don't put first names or birth dates of living people on genealogy sites.

    Your grandfather James is on

    (Click on "Advanced")


    B. 01 Sep 1923

    D. 06 Oct 2000 (V)

    LR 33612 (Tampa, Hillsborough, FL)

    SSN Issued in Kentucky

    This is from a subscription site.

    Name: James Lawrence Mason

    Service Info.: TEC 5 US ARMY WORLD WAR II

    Birth Date: 1 Sep 1923

    Death Date: 6 Oct 2000

    Service Start Date: 10 Mar 1943

    Interment Date: 11 Oct 2000

    Cemetery: Florida National Cemetery

    Cemetery Address: 6502 SW. 102nd Ave. Bushnell, FL 33513

    Buried At: Section 320 Site 963


    Name: Mildred Marie Mason

    Service Info.: TEC 5 US ARMY

    Birth Date: 3 Jun 1926

    Death Date: 29 Aug 1998

    Relation: Wife of Mason, James Lawrence

    Interment Date: 2 Sep 1998

    Cemetery: Florida National Cemetery

    Cemetery Address: 6502 SW. 102nd Ave. Bushnell, FL 33513

    Buried At: Section 320 Site 963

    I found him on a subscription site, Kentucky Births.

    James Lawrence Mason

    b. 1 Sep 1923

    Mother Ora D Fuson

    County Bell

    The same index, all the Masons born to Ora Fuson

    Luson Mason, 27 Jan 1913 , Ora Fuson, Bell

    Lowell Mason, 5 Oct 1914 , Ora Fuson, Bell

    Edda J Mason, 7 Jan 1921 , Ora Fuson, Bell

    James Lawrence Mason, 1 Sep 1923, Ora D Fuson, Bell

    William H Mason, {after 1923}, Ora Fuson, Bell

    Hallin F Mason, {ditto}, Ora Fuson, Bell

    1930; Census Place: District 5, Bell, Kentucky;

    Roll: 733; Page: 5B; Enumeration District: 14; Image: 462.0.

    Edd Mason 42 Head

    Ora Mason 41 Wife

    Allory Mason 17 son

    Lowell Mason 15 son

    Jewel Mason 9 Dau

    James Mason 6 son

    Hodges Mason 2 and 8/12ths, son

    (Everyone and everyone's parents b. Ky, everyone is white)

    "Edd" is a salesman in a dry good store.

    1920; Census Place: Chenoa, Bell, Kentucky;

    Roll: T625_559; Page: 7A; Enumeration District: 21; Image: 419.

    Ed Mason 32

    Ora Mason 31

    Allory Mason 6

    Lowell Mason 5

    Ed is "Tipper man" in a coal mine.

    This might be Ora in 1910 in Little Clear Creek, Bell, Kentucky

    Chanty A Fuson 55

    Elijah B Fuson 32

    Osa D Fuson 21

    Bessie A Fuson 16

    Willie A Fuson 14

    "Chanty" is "Charity", widowed.

    The 1900 entry makes 1910 seem REAL likely:

    1900; Census Place: Little Clear Creek, Bell, Kentucky;

    Roll: T623 508; Page: 9A; Enumeration District: 17.

    Name Age

    W L Fuson 50

    Charity A Fuson 46

    Elijah B A Fuson 22

    Cordie B Fuson 18 (Dau)

    Laura D Fuson 16

    Letitia J Fuson 14

    Ora D Fuson 11

    Suda E Fuson 8 (Dau)

    Bessie A Fuson 6

    William H Fuson 4

    1890 was burned. Ed isn't in Bell County in 1910 or 1900, and there are too many Ed masons in Ky to tell which one is him.

    In 1880,

    Pineville, Bell, Kentucky

    Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace

    W. D. FUSON Self M Male W 30 KY Stone Mason TN KY

    Charity A. FUSON Wife M Female W 25 KY Keeping House KY KY

    John J. FUSON Son S Male W 5 KY KY KY

    Elijah B. FUSON Son S Male W 3 KY KY KY

    Jefferson FUSON Son S Male W 2M KY KY KY

    Seven people have Ed and Ora on RWWC,

    Enter Surname = Fuson, Given = Ora, Spouse = Mason and leave the rest blank. Write to them all with the dates and data for the NON-LIVING people I found for you. You can give names, but no dates, for the living people.

    Look for Ed & Ora's kids on the RWWC SSDI (above) and Ky death index.

    You may find that they are dead. I'll let you do that, since I've had enough fun for the day.

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    As fate woudl have it, we have a common ancestor: Jacob Rumph (pronounced YAH-kub ROOM-F, incidentally). I can tell you that his family was from Switzerland, they were Protestants who were intermarried with numerous other German and French-Huguenot families who came to South Carolina in 1735 where they founded a villaged called Purrysburg, and later (by 1745) were in Orangeburg, SC, where many of their descendants remain to this day. In 1820 many of the Rumphs and other families from the German region of Orangeburg, SC (surnames include Dittmyer, Deramus, Stoudenmire, Roy, Golson, and DeBardelaben) relocated to Alabama, where they settled in Autauga County. (The telephone books for Autauga Co, AL and Orangeburg Co, SC, contain many of the same odd surnames, including Rumph, that are rarely found in other parts of the country.)

    Depending on which Jacob Rumph you're descended from (it didn't have his dates), here's an ancestry:

    Jacob Rumph II July 9 1752-October 10, 1812

    m. AnnaMaria Harrisperger (1756-1835)

    He was born and died in Orangeburg, SC. He and his wife had at least one son and at least three daughters. The son was named James (the English version of Jacob) and he married Mary Golson; I'm descended through this line.

    His father was

    Jacob Rumph (1727-1785), who was born in Bern, Switzerland and emigrated to SC with his parents in 1735.

    This Jacob was married to Anne Dattwyler (1730-1823) and had at least 8 children.

    His wife's father was named Melchior Dattwyler and Jacob's father was named Karl Heinz Rumph. Both were born in Switzerland, probably around 1700, and both were still living in the 1750s, but that's the extent of my info on them.

    Hope this helps.

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    Jami... you do not have your email open, so I cannot reach you with important information.

    MY direct email is

    please email me.....

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