Why is the USA trying to avoid that Germany becomes a permanent United Nations Security Council Member?

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    Because, within the interpretation of the meaning of Article 107 of the UN Charter, Germany and Japan were enemies of the signatories of the charter. Even though both nations have been admitted as full member states of the UN, Article 107 has never been amended to reflect the change in the geo-political makeup of the post-World War Two world. It's not just the U.S. It's all of the permanent members of the Security Council. That article in the charter is the chief reason.

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    None of the five permanent members have backed movements to let new countries into permanent membership. Some proposed candidates: India, Germany, Japan, any African nation, any Islamic nation.

    Germany was not a permanent member from the start because the UN was set up by the victors of World War 2

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    The five current permanent members do not want any new permanent member joining in since they feel that it will dilute their own power/ authority within the UN. As a result, they have been resisting a move to have newer members - such as Germany, Japan, Brazil and India (the G4 countries) - joining the security council.

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    most proposals to include Germany on the security council(other than ones forwarded by Germans themselves) also ask for Japan, India and Brazil to join, most also call for a double veto: that is no one permanent member of the security council could veto an iniaitive without the veto vote of a second. From 1960 onward the USA has been the lead vetoer of prospective UN resolutions, the idea of setting up a double veto system terrifies it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Because then the U.S. can't attack Iran saying its because Iran has gotten out of control now Germany can say "look wait for our support because if you go without it again were gonna have to do something"

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