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Do you know the questions to ask your doctor in regards to hospital risks?

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    1 decade ago
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    Thank you for asking an important question and helping to raise awareness, Like you, it's also my wish to raise awareness in ways that encourage all of us to ask questions, learn, and think. I wholeheartedly encourage people to look after their well-being and health. I also strongly caution that hospital stays and admitting ourselves into their care is risky business.

    The First - and possibly the last - question to ask ANY doctor anytime is:

    What can I DO to promote my WELLNESS?

    If your doctor does not answer your question truthfully, then it's time to self-educate. Anything that deviates from the truth is answered with a prescription and nothing else.

    Western doctors and hospitals are paid by the number of sick patients they tend to, not the number of their successes. Some doctors are openly rewarded by Pharmaceutical companies to sell product - by way of trips, cash, "graft", ad nauseum.

    Hospitalization should only be agreed to if we are beyond self-help - our greatest opportunity to empower ourselves with our body's abilities to "heal thyself". And any doctor who whips out the prescription pad to answer your questions should be immediately dismissed as your "Health Care" Provider. Period.

    There is ~no secret~ as to how we can promote and maintain our own optimal health. The problem is too many of us have slipped into a false security by allowing others to do our jobs for us. Attending to our health is a large and perhaps daunting undertaking when we've lapsed in our duty to ourselves. Most of us do not take on this challenge to aid our own recoveries.

    Pharmaceutical products and far too many surgeries are a contrivance of big business. While surgeries and hospital stays may ~sometimes~ be unavoidable, there are far too many abuses of the general public - blatant abuses of our body's abilities to be well and abuses which make us sick and sicker. Sickness supports a growing and profitable infrastructure owned, operated and promoted by wealthy drug companies and corporations who hold a vested interest in our un-wellness. Countless doctors are sales representatives for these companies.

    Why are prescription drugs and related products advertised on television now more than ever? How can they afford to do this? It's with the billions and billions in revenue from profits from the sick, the ailing, and the dying.

    Here are the questions we must ask ourselves before taking the first step of risk on the slippery slope of surgeries and drugs:

    1. Why is there no cure for Cancer? One in two Canadians has cancer. Billions of dollars are fed to the industry of keeping people sick, alive just long enough to support the Cancer and drug industries.

    2. Why do two in five Canadians have heart disease?

    3. Why do one in five Canadians have diabetes?

    There are far too many doctors who as sales representatives, are bought and paid for by Pharmaceutical companies. Doctors have sold their Hippocratic Oath for Drug money. Allopathic (traditional) medicine is owned and operated by powerful corporations.

    If you wish, view the the following link. The search function regarding any health questions you have will lead you to articles, videos, outside links and an answer blog should you wish to investigate your personal wellness further. All information I have personally read on this website has been helpful and has led me to further information in my own quest for knowledge:

    Web MD and the Mayo Clinic websites are reputable resources as well, and all can complement the other if we read with a discerning eye.

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    All the ones matters, AD, DNR and energy of lawyer are to be had now, a few while you signal in for an operation. Doctors are requested approximately unique valuable truth while the sufferer is in poor health now. Ideally an lawyer will have to be consulted while you are making your will so the wants of the sufferer may also be viewed. But attorneys are pricey that's why the well being care plan presents a paid for consultation with a counselor, no longer a general practitioner, whilst the sufferer is healthful in brain and frame, or no less than no longer at deaths door. It could be quality if we would expect the hour and approach of our finish however considering that we cannot we must make plans. If you desire to be saved alive in a problem in which there's no wish for recuperation, or if you happen to desire it to finish obviously. We have an capacity to maintain the frame going a long way longer than it desires to be. That needs to be taken under consideration and the people wants listened too. Remember the Schiavo case? One part mentioned she would not desire to reside that approach and the opposite part mentioned she could have, so for years this shell-individual was once saved fed and above flooring, blind, unhearing, unspeaking, with out manage of physically capabilities or motion. Not my concept of being alive and an exceptional caution to the relaxation folks.

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    Thanks for the link. I actually already knew all of that information. I have several health problems, and I learned long ago that the most valuable member of any person's health care team is themselves, so in my case, that means me!

    I had to have my heart repaired, and while it was not an old fashioned cut-and-crack open heart procedure, I asked my doctor so many questions before the procedure that he told me repeatedly how impressed he was, and that he wished his other, more serious heart patients, knew or even cared enough to ask just a fraction of the questions I asked.

    It's good of you to get this information out. People need to know this stuff. Star for you for helping spread the word!

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    Thanks so having a minor procedure done tomorrow (carpal tunnel), but still appreciate any and all information. Have had enough surgeries in the last few years to know enough not to take anything for granted and to question everything. (Like the time they marked my left arm in pre-op with a big X, when it was the right one that was supposed to be operated on!) Take care and keep passing along the important articles. Gracie

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    1 decade ago

    That was a good list of questions. We should all understand that hospital stays and surgeries do have many risks. It is wise to be a well-informed patient.

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    1 decade ago

    In Australia, they give you a printed form, telling you the risks of whatever procedure they are going to do. Then you sign, absolving them of any responsibility.

    Most times, I wish they would not show me. Although have only had this last experience with hospitals.

    Haven't been to hospital in years.

  • Oh, yes, I'm a stickler when

    it comes time to be in the hospital.

    I lived in Gulfport, MS, & GMH was the last hospital

    to be at for good care.

    They lost a dead body, it wasn't lost...

    Just misplaced.

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    kay,lady,my friend,yes i do(hang on,thought i'd already said that somewhere) o'yea ,as you no i'm not a well man,an as many times as i've been in there,i no now,didn't the first time,but each time i learned a little more,thanks for the arti.,,i need all the help i can get<>IS<>

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    Yes, I've taken several medical offices, pharmacy tech, etc type classes and they helped me to be a better patient. I now see both sides of the issue. This was a good site, thanks.

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