obese/gluttons going to hell/homosexuals going to hell?

So, I am told that as a homosexual, I must turn from my "supposed" sin in order to inherit the kingdom of God.

So, what about the obese? If someone dies fat, obviously, they did not turn from their sin of gluttony. So, from a literal interpretation of scripture, they are going to hell too. Correct?

Proverbs 23:2 even goes so far as to say, "put a knife to your throat if you are given to gluttony."

II Peter 1:6 says that a Christian must have self-control...an obese person obviously does not exercise self-control

Philippians 3:19 says"...their God is in their stomach...their mind is on earthly things."...they are not of God

And, I Corinthians 6:19-20 says, "your body is a temple of God...honor God with your body

additional reading Proverbs 23:20-21, II Peter 1:5-7, II Timothy 3:1-9...all about your body, self control, etc...

Given that obesity a big problem facing America...and that unrepentant sinners/gluttons go to hell...why don't you rail against fat people?


And please don't say this is insensitive...you can't pick and choose which sins you want to talk about...

BESIDES, A FUNDAMENTALIST RESPONSE SHOULD BE, I DON'T HATE THE FAT PERSON, I JUST HATE THE FAT. And it is the fundamentalists job to judge all others sin, to show them the error of their ways....

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    Let me take apart what you've said.

    -The thinness obsession actually have a Christian tone to it. In the 1800s, a man literally stated that gluttony was a sin, and to be supposedly deductive: He, like you are, makes the assumption that ALL obese people are gluttonous, lazy, slobs.

    We've had a shift. Your sexual preference was a PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDER documented in the DSM (The veritable "bible" of psychological disorders) in the last 50 years, and because science suddenly realized that it's usually innate: They left it alone. That's why I don't oppose homosexuality: To get on someone that I believe is created by god with a trait that may interepteted as sinful is contradictory, and I've learned to accept everyone: Minus the bigots of course. That's why I have a very sour look at what you've said, because you're starving for your own acceptance, and in the process you're trying to put another group down because you're having your own trouble. Psychology also calls that a defense mechanism: It's called "Projection."

    Anyways: The shift has moved towards you being opposed by the Christians that dare pick and choose which sins are worse than others (Which is incorrect, because god sees them all as being wrong), and because our lovely diet industry: The medical community is getting on obese people, because they think correlation and causation is the same thing (Which, if that were true: Every woman in the world should take their bras off, because wearing a bra increases the risk of breast cancer about 12,000 times over [Hey: It'll make me and some other people happy :p]), and most of the supposed science is centered around the assumption that you attempt to make. Would you do the same thing to a thin person living the same way, or would you simply say "Well ok.... just don't get fat?"


    You need to separate the concept of bodyweight and lifestyle; They are not the same thing at all, and to assume that they are, is why the obesity "Problem" is getting worse, and it why things are always overstated. You know why the number seems so high? They've lowered the standards for BMI twice, and in doing so: Instead of us literally getting moderately heavier (Which we have, but not as much as they claim), lowering those standards has made it seem as if we ballooned. The last time they lower the standard by one point: 25 million people jumped on the overweight list. 25 million.. one bmi point... OMGZ ZE FATTIES R EVERYWURRR!!! AND WE KNOW DER LIFESTYLE!!

    And there's no studies that have linked obesity with overeating. It's been tried, and you might want to read Gina Kolata's "Rethinking Thin" to understand why it's never been done successfully and reputtably.

    That's why saying 2/3 of Americans are overweight/obese is incorrect: It relies on BMI, and scientists don't have to time to go to every case and analyze muscle-to-fat ratio and all the other parameters needed to truly know. In other words: Michael Jordan is overweight by BMI, just as Russell Crowe, George Clooney, Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, and Brad Pitt.

    My bmi is 21.6

    My bodyfat percentage? It's about 14. I have tone, and I have 28-inch waist at 5'11". BMI was never meant to determine health either: It's a combination of 19th century body statistics and 19th century sociology. It's combinning two disciplines: It's not a health barometer.

    Considering the fact that someone already commented by defying your logic: Your notion is flawed. Your notion that all Chrisitans hate homosexuals is also flawed, because I've come here agitated because you're saying bigoted comments, yet I accept the fact that you're homosexual, would never question it, and I've also considered joinning the movement to aid your cause as a straight person. See how that works? Some people try to accept everyone. You have to know a person before you know a group.

    -The lifestyle associated is what shortens life regardless of weight (Seriously... Metabolism does not block clogged arteries per the article I've listed), and gluttony is more centered around greed and the actual opinion of food. I can eat all the food I want if I so wish, and if I get heavier: That doesn't make me a glutton. However, if I literally say that "Food is better than god," and center my life more around that eating instead of him, that makes it a horrible sin for me to even have a thought like that. It's all in how you see it, and if it were so bad (Just as homosexuality): It would be a commandment, not a side scripture, and their would be comments about fat: Not gluttony. You and I can both be gluttons as thin people.

    And that goes with anything: The quote from Corinthians? If you dare put any bodyweight above god: It's a sin. It doesn't matter if you're thin or fat: If you think it makes you more moral than another, and you think being bigoted to people that aren't of your bodyweight is fine: That's a sin.

    You've got to love god with all you've got, and to not do so: You'll come up short.

    As for your sexual preference: I recently found out about a concept called "The Baptist of desire." It is a concept by which people that may not have heard the word of god still may go to heaven if they are blessed, because of the rewarding and benevolent life they have, and the good things they've done for others. A Catholic priest literally talked about this at a funeral I went to for an 18 year old gay male that passed away, and he baptized him. You can be Christian, but if you spend your life trying to put others down: You might not end up in Heaven.

    Gluttons may or may not go to hell, but that has no barring on bodyweight was so ever. You don't hate the fat: You're supposed to hate the living if you believe in the concept of "Hate the sin: Not the sinner." If you do hate the fat: Guess what that makes you?

    Don't worry about what the Christians that pick and choose are saying: Only god can truly judge you on how moral you are. I'm just advocating that you change your ways, and maybe use that against the Christians: "Why judge me, when god is the only one that can?"

    People of all sizes will go to heaven, and people of all sizes will go to hell. To judge others, and to put that judgment ahead of your belief in that god should be number one might put you in a place that you don't want to be.

    Source(s): Straight Ally of the Gay Community Thin Size Activist Christian Martial Artist Racial Equality Enthusiast
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  • 1 decade ago

    Good analogy. I'm overweight, and suppose I'll go to hell, but hey...I have a great B-B-Q sauce recipe that I'm sure they'll love.

    For those on here that talk about one sin worse than another...remember, disobeying God is the sin. It's not the specific act that makes it a sin. It's doing something that God says NOT to that makes it a sin. You can't treat sin with a point system...what do you think, sin is like rides at the old Disneyland? Being a glutton is only an A ticket, so you have to have 5 A tickets to go to hell, but homosexuality is an E ticket, so you only need one to go straight to hell?

    Sin is sin, if you believe. Not because of what it is...but because it puts you at odds with God's rules. So, if you believe, you need to do so all the way. It's annoying, true, to believe that you will go to hell because you are overweight, or because you like shrimp, or because you are a woman with short hair, or a man with long, or because you don't stone adulterers, or because you have taken the lords name in vain, lusted after someone other than your spouse, though ill of your parents, or any of the hundreds of rules there are in the bible. But, if you believe, then that's what you have to do. You can't pick and choose your sins...they all are the same, save the one unforgiveable sin. That's it.

    Jerry Falwall, if for no other reason, must be burning in hell because he was a glutton...imagine that.

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    Well, what can I say? The fundamentalists enjoy their bake sales, but they can't keep their head off of what two people of the same sex might do in their bedroom. Sometimes I swear it is a sexual obsession on their part, rewritten in some strange religious way.

    Take Jerry Falwell died from a heart attack after chowing on a bacon and egg breakfast, even though he was very obese and prone to cardiac problems. Falwell called the separation of church and state a tool of "satan" and was one of the most irritating opponents of laws granting homosexuals equal rights.

    Not that I believe either homosexuals or fat people are going to hell. I'm not religious. But one group is statistically going to die before another group, and it's not the people most churches are focusing on...

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You have it sort of right and sort of wrong. They just have it all wrong.

    According to them homosexual love is fine.

    Homosexual sex is a sin; the sin of Lust. To them, even if it is in a committed monogamous relationship it is still sex for pleasure not for procreation.

    Obesity might be a sign of Gluttony. Then again, it is not necessarily so. Many physical and mental diseases manifest through obesity (just as many are caused by it).

    It would really break down to the old adage that too any Christians forget. That it is for (their) god to judge and not man.

    Source(s): Non-Abrahamic Theist
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  • The problem that we have is that every excuse is given to justify overlooking gluttony. Just like every excuse is given to justify living in the sin of homophobia. But under no circumstances may you or I ever question the misinterpretation of Scripture used to condone homophobia!

    Besides the only reason homosexuality is hoisted to Super Sin status is because it brings in money to anti-gay, pro-bigotry organizations. They would lose millions of dollars and thousands of members if they tried to uphold the parts of Scripture which say gluttony is a sin.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You're right. Anybody who is an unrepentant sinner will go to hell. And that includes the obese. I don't rail against anyone, but I will be honest about my beliefs if I'm asked.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Give yourself time. As soon as Christians are done and satisfied blasting everything they are against now, it won't be long before they go after obesity.

    Either way I am still going to hell, apparently. Perhaps I can lose weight there.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You are absolutely correct beloved...and for the record book, I 'rail' against my father who has likewise turned 'fitness' into his god. He worships being IN SHAPE which is just as bad as being OUT OF SHAPE. My daughter's dad has turned his garage into a 'shrine" to his favorite football team. Thats 'sin' too and I 'rail' against that.

    There are obvious "sins" and there is the sin of elevating a thing above God. So worshipping food (obesity, gluttony), your body (fitness fanatics, plastic surgery addicts, ie. self pride), sports, even spoiling your children..is a sin. Nothing is supposed to be more important than God..even your own carnal physical needs. Its a narrow road when you get right down to it dude....

    gays get dinged alot but the guy who skips church to watch the game is as much a sinner as the person abusing their body with food or drugs or the person watching porn all night till their eyes are bloodshot...

    its all the same..

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  • 1 decade ago

    I weigh 350 lbs and am 5'7.

    I literally eat under 1200 calories a day. I play soccer and volleyball several times a week.

    No self control...

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  • 1 decade ago

    You are right. Bravo.

    Like a Christian friend of mine would say:

    If you judge others by biblical law, so you too will be judged. Since it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to follow every single biblical rule flawlessly those who insist on pointing out other people's sins with the bible are setting themselves up for a VERY strict critique of their own sins.

    They better be sure they are faultless in their biblical application in every aspect of their lives as well.

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