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what is a wrongful death lawsuit?

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    A lawsuit in which the plaintiff is suing the defendant and claiming that the defendant is somehow responsible for the death of the plaintiff's spouse/child/mother/father/relative, etc. So, its like asking for a monetary settlement for causing the death of a person wrongfully, such as in a traffic accident or work related incident.

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    "Wrongful death is a claim in tort against a person who can be held liable for a death. The claim is brought in a civil lawsuit, typically by close relatives of the deceased."

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    it is genuine that had Dominguez not crossed the border illegally he might possibly be alive at present and his family members possibly realizes this. could desire to they have an actual to sue in a wrongful dying lawsuit? every person can document one, yet solid success at prevailing one, exceedingly in circumstances which incorporate this. even though, to view this undertaking in a distinctive attitude; the protection criminal expert does not could desire to teach innocence or guilt on behalf of his purchasers, however the prosecutor has to teach functional doubt. How huge grow to be this rock that Dominguez had? grow to be he attempting to guard himself? grow to be he attempting to scare the officer to lower back off? Did the officer use extreme stress? it is a shame that somebody ended up ineffective, however the nice and comfortable button is that no count how a lot funds you sue for, and if the case is won, the money will in no way carry lower back the guy who died. each and every so often you're able to desire to ask your self approximately any wrongful dying healthful - carry out a little families incredibly care on the subject of the dying of a family members member, or do they actually care on the subject of the money? Hmmmm...factors to contemplate!!!

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    It's a lawsuit meant to collect damages for the death of someone who died before they normally would have -- say, if O.J. Simpson leaped out of the bushes and hacked you up with a knife, for example...

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    It is a civil suit in which the plaintiff is suing the defendant for monetary damages. The defendant may be found not guilty for criminal charges, but be found guilty on civil charges, because the verdict does not have to be unanimous.

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    A situtation including negligence or where there was no intent to kill or other malice, but a death could have been avoided, if others had acted more thoughtfully and with care.

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