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What is Beef Extract made of?

What EXACTLY is that stuff made from?


For all of you "smart" folks who think you're funny - it's quite obvious that BEEF extract comes from beef. It's a thick black sludge and I'd like to know what parts of the animal are used.

Update 2:

ok, so it's cooked down beef broth, sure - how'd they turn it into that sludge form -- wouldn't broth just evaporate? and what parts of the COW are cooked down? I'd like to know so I'm totally sure I'm not eating crap.

Update 3:

Cloudofdust - seriously. I have googled it and have come up with nothing useful. There's no need to argue, unless you're so bored that you really want to - in which case, find someone to humor you.

Update 4:

LOWLEVEL is the best answer - no need for anymore, thanks. I did try the Wiki link before YahooAnswers and you're exactly right! Thanks!

Update 5:

I actually found an MSDS for beef extract and it pretty much had no info EXCEPT:

Potential Acute Health Effects:

Slightly hazardous in case of skin contact (irritant), of eye contact (irritant),

of ingestion, of inhalation.

Hazardous in case of ingestion - interesting.

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    Actually no, that's not all you need to know. Because, as usual.. By cutting and pasting a link To Wikipedia doesn't quite cut it... The ingredients are never mentioned on that page..

    Have you ever cooked a roast-beef joint? - You get a lovely, brown, sludge in the bottom of the pan that usually goes into the gravy....

    That's mostly rendered fat, boiled blood and disintegrated connective tissue..

    Sounds yummy? - Effecitively, that's what Beef Extract is - The drippings from ibndustrially roasted meat..

    Source(s): The Bovril Factory is 10miles from my house
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    Beef Extract

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    Is like a beef broth but much more stronger.

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    Heres all ya need to know! couldnt just give your answer....had to be an a** and put someone down.....

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    beef...just a guess!!

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