My son is a sophomore, I went to the school on Monday?

because he had three F's on his mid-terms. He has been historically lazy, but claims that he isn't missing any assignments (the usual). I simply wanted to know if he personally had any missing assignments during that grading period for those classes. I'm not asking for any lenience, special treatment, etc. I just want to know for my own information. It's now Thursday afternoon, and none of the teachers have answered me. I left both my work and personal e-mail addresses, in addition to my work, home, and cell phone numbers. Is this odd?

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    Yes, that is VERY odd. Call the principal now.

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    Yes this is. My husband is a high school teacher and at the school he goes to they have a thing called ren web that they put all grades into homework and everything this way parents have an Id for the child enter it and can see all the grades and what is missing. Parents have the right to be informed this is your childs future at risk here. I would call and complain and then recommend a system like the one I mentioned. It is just as easy as a grade book it even averages all the grades.

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    Call the school and talk to the principal about your concerns... He really doesn't want you to go to the board of education !! You need to get to the bottom of this....

    Has your son been checked for ADD..... Kids with ADD are said to be " lazy" but in fact they cant focus on what they are told to do and "forget easy" They can change his learning plan so that the teacher has to give him hand written assignments, as well as verbal.

    A child with ADD can be very smart and do well if its very quiet, but when back ground noise is added in, the concentration problem kicks in , and they forget what they were doing. We all know most classrooms get loud !!

    My son is ADD. He is on no medication, but he has a quiet place to study. And he has learned to take notes. I also asked the school for a WEEKLY grade report to come home so i always knew if he was ON TRACK. He hated this..... because if he wasn't on track we used the weekend to get him on track lol He learned fast to stay on track.

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    They are probably really busy right now, especially because school just started not too long ago. If by Monday they dont respond, call them back or go to the school and speak with the principal, and let them knw whats going on. They will be more then happy to help you. they can also take you around to see all of the teachers personally. Good luck!

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    It actually is odd. I would follow up again. I would think at least one of the teachers would have gotten back to you. I would give it two more days and then follow-up again. Maybe ask "What is the best way to get this information. Maybe they have a protocol you aren't following or maybe the number you called is for someone on vacation." It woulds like there was a disconnect somewhere." Good Luck!

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    Who did you leave the numbers with? High school's are very large and you are not the only parent calling. I would call back. If you gave the number to a secretary or even guidance counselor, then they might not have gotten very far.

    If you went to the school, why didn't you speak with the teacher's personally? This is why I'm thinking you didn't leave your number with them, but with someone else.

    I would call back, after school has ended, and try to speak with each individual teacher. Don't settle for a guidance counselor or anything.

    If you need to, go back down to the school and ask to speak with the teachers. Most teachers will be in their classrooms for at least 30-45 after school has dismissed.

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    I've had almost the exact similar problem with my historically lazy kid. The teachers just don't get back to the parents. It's almost like they just write off the kids they don't want to worry about. This happened to us in one of the "Newsweeks Top 100" schools (Grapevine, TX). I tried everything - having my daughter get the teacher's signature everyday (they couldn't make time to do this), emailing them (with the exception of one, they never got back to me), and leaving voicemails (none of them got back to me). The geography class watched "Twister" for a grade and the science class watched "Jurassic Park". I just keep seeing lazy teaching. We moved to a new district this summer and I'm hoping it's a fresh start.

    Go talk to the principal and then the district if you need to get something done. Good luck!

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    Odd, I don't know, but it's definitely not right. I would call the principal and tell him the situation. The teaches may be busy, but that isn't an excuse to not return a phone call to discuss your son or to schedule a time when it would be good for both the teacher and you to sit down and go over his progress..

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    Yes, I think it is odd that none of the teachers have addressed the issues with you. I would call and ask to speak to the principal, if the principal is unable to address you in a promt time, I would call the board of education and asked for the principals boss ,the superintendent

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    You must live in Westminster, Ca. The teachers here do not give a damn about anything! I had to pull my daughter out of the district to get her in a good school.

    Then again, you might look into the fact that your son may be on drugs or grass. He just may be lazy like you said but you need to stress how important it is for him to get a good education.

    Good luck with it. I know the dificulties you are going thru.

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    If you left messages with the teachers and have not received a reply. 5 working days is adequate response time. After 5 days return to the school and speak with the principle on the problem. This time do not leave until you see him/her and get satisfaction. Your child's education is important regardless of his grade.

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