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Favorite McDonald's meal ?

Hello there my Yahoo friends. How are you doing today?

I remember when I was a kid and could not wait to go

to McDonalds. It came to my town in 1984. And has

been big ever since. I have a favorite meal there. Which

is the double quarter pounder with bacon and cheese,

large fries, choclate chip cookies, apple pie, and a

vanilla milk shake. And then I might go back and get a

McChicken, too. Simple. But still the best tasting

sandwhiches in the restaurant. Since day one. Do you

have a favorite McDonalds meal ? Best answer wins.


Hey, that Big N Tasty is off the chain !

That is the next best burger there.

But we all know Mickey D's have the

best french fries. Others say Arby's

do. I don't know about that.

But they are close.

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    No ! I never go there as I like and appreciate the taste of real FOOD ! Seems to be the staple diet of most inner city neanderthals though.

    Source(s): Are you morons aware that as part of the burger preparation McDonalds actually 'remove' the flavour of the meat !!
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    My top 3 are the spicy chicken burger meal, big mac meal and the quarter pounder meal...but if I have to pick one the quarter pounder meal always wins. First, I need cheese on my favorite burger over my quarter pound of beef and second, the McDonald's french fries is a must have everytime I eat there plus a large soda. =) yum! I blame McDonald's for my weight gain in highschool but who cares?! ;)

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    Oh, I try to stay away but when I cave it is a hard decision. I like the Big Mac meal or the Quarter Ponder meal or the new Chicken Club meal-crispy. Decisions, decisions. Of course the problem is when I eat that I can't eat for a day or two :(

  • 4 years ago

    Either the Big Mac or the Mcnuggets meal. I like the taste of the Big Mac but I always get the nuggets with sweet and sour sauce when I'm driving.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Cheeseburger happy meal (without the toy) and a coke. I try to pretend I am bringing it home for a kid. I hate to admit how much I love McD cheeseburgers but since it is sooooooo bad for you and their servings are so big, I find this is my way to get all the goodies in a smaller servings size.

  • RSJ
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    Whew- did you ever add up all the calories of your favorite meal? It is really yummy though. I like McD’s fries and Arby’s curly fries equally- they’re both the best. Fav meal- grilled chicken bacon salad w/ Paul Newman dressing.

  • 1 decade ago

    My favorite would have to be the mcChicken burger...also the chicken nuggets with the honey mustard sauce..that one's the best! but unfortunately, it's not available anymore here since it was only a promo for the movie Cars..

  • 1 decade ago

    I get 3 hamburgers, 4 nuggets and a choc shake. Sometimes a diet coke instead and a McFlurry. Fatty!

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    It wud av 2 b a big mac meal with a strawberry milkshake, and then finsh it off with a Mcflurry

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    my favorite meal is the BIG MAC with extra cheese, strawberry milk shake, that two dollar Mc Chickens plain with sweet n sour sause, an apple pie, apple dip with the walnuts.

    Source(s): FOOD NETWORK
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    I love the quarter pounder with cheese and fries.

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