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Why date a woman with 3 kids?

This guy wants to date me even though I'm going through a divorce and have three kids (8,11 and 15). I am attractive but comeon, what gives? I guess I'm just suspicious and lack trust in men right now because of all the heartache my husband put me through. Plus this guy is 6 yrs younger than me. It seems too good to be true. Should I just give it a try or wait? I've been separated from my husband for 3 months. I met this guy on and he's been writing me for 2 months everyday.


Oh yeah, this guy has a 14 yr old daughter from a previous relationship. He is 36 and I'm 42.

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    it don't matter to alot of guys when my husband and i met i had 2 kids and he had 2 kids ,it didn't matter to either of us.just give the guy a try it couldn't hurt and you never know it might lead to more than just husband and i were dating for like 3 weeks and he started talking marriage,i thought he was nuts at first because we were both just coming out of relationships but he was serious.and age is just a number,it all depends on his maturity,i could tell you my ex was the same age as me and he acted like a little kid even though we had 2 very young kids and my husband is very mature,he is 3 years younger than me,it also might depend on his upbringing,maybe he was taught to give anyone a chance,so give the guy a chance it couldnt hurt

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    I would wait til you are sure. If he really cares for you AND he is a good guy he will understand and he will wait. I myself married into a family of 4 kids. 3 girls, 1 boy. Son is second. Ages now are 14, 13, 12, 10. Most of the time I'm the greatest dad. we have been married for 4 1/2 years now. He'll do the right thing as long as you don't kick away.

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    I am suspecting MILF syndrome. Be careful with that dating site, the lies, deceit and games are outrageous! And please do not think this is the real deal because he has been writing you for 2 months everyday. He might be 60 years OLDER than you! LOL!

    Anyway, if you do take that leap and give this "guy" a chance do not leap in too deep because there is the thing called Internet game and because you are just getting your feet wet again, those knuckleheads on that site will say exactly what you want to hear. Have fun with it don't take it too seriously though or SEND HIM MONEY TO COME SEE YOU!!

    Trust your gut and your womanly instinct. They are a little rusty as I read your question, but you will know and if it seems to you too good to be true to feel it, then it is.

    Source(s): Don't be afraid to call his azz out! Challenge him!
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    I can see your point, but some guys just don't care about your "extra baggage" and he may turn out to be a really nice guy. However, since you didn't really meet him in person or through friends it is also good that you are a bit concerned about his intentions because you just never know. Take your time and be careful, but I'd still wait a bit before introducing him to the kids. Divorce is hard enough for children, let alone the thought of mommy dating.

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    the question is do you want to date him? in my oppinion, you should wait. there is nothing wrong with being single. my heart goes out to you and your family. divorce is not easy, to say the least. but in a situation like this, the kids come first. how do they feel about you dating again? try talking with them before making any crucial choices. im sure you have heard this before but, dating on the internet is the riskiest thing you could do. especially because children are in the picture. do you know this guy? he could be some kind of pervert, you never know. trusting people is very hard, but until you build some more yourself, more self esteem, and more confidence in men, you shouldn't be dating. you are very vulnurable right now. wait until the divorce is done. then start dating again, but think twice before you resort to internet dating. i wish you all the best and good luck! :D

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    My husband has 2 kids. I've dated men with 1 kid before, but never 2.

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    give it more time...and wait til your divorced

    then you will know more of how you feel

    if your not even divorced are not totally free...and that baggage would carry over into your next relationship. allow yourself time to find out who you are again...apart from your soon to be ex- husband.

    if he is interested in waiting....then maybe give it a try...but I am suspicious of online relationships.

    meanwhile I would do a background check to make sure he is not some sicko...who loves children if you know what i mean.

    this day and age you never know....better safe than sorry.

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    I think you should just hold it off a while. I'm sure the divorce has already taken a toll or can take a toll on the children. Give it some time. Until you all are mentally stable.

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    I guess my question is why would a newly divorced woman bring some guy she met on the internet into the lives of her and her 3 kids?

    Why not be single a while?

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    Give him a fair chance. From writing back and forth you should know enough about him to be able to tell whether he's worth a try. Oh and by the way, moms can be pretty sexy.

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