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who would you put in the best afl team of all time?


i'm working on my best team

Update 2:

this is my best team of all time.i got help from my dad and he said all these people i dont know but you might know them anyway here it is;

FF: Gary Ablett snr

RFP; Leigh Matthews

LFP; Cameron Mooney

CHF; Wayne Carey

LHF; Wayne Johnson

RHF; Dermit Brereton

W; Robert Flower

C; Greg Williams

W: Keith Greg

RM: Polly Farmer

RR:Jimmy Bartel

R:Gary Ablett jnr

CHB:Glen Jackovitch

RHB:Bruce Doull

LHB:Guy Mckenna

FB: Steve Silvagni

RBP: Matthew Scarlet

LBP: Gary Ayres

tell me if you like my team or tell me your own or tell me what i coulld chnage in my team. if you want

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Naaah it's of all time! I'm not old enough to remember many pre-60's

    Names that come to mind:

    Ted Whitten, first picked.

    Silvagni, Jesaulenko, Doull

    Ablett Snr, G Ablett Jr, Polly Farmer

    Tony Shaw, naaah I can't stomach any more of them but you'd have to pick a few more pies or you'd never hear the end of it :-)

    Barry Round

    Probably half a dozen Western Australians that I've never heard of - but there were always heaps there that never made the journey east.

    Riccuitto and McLeod as a few currents

    Perhaps a Burgoyne but I'm sure Port have had better

    A ruckman from Essendon 1970's whose name escapes me. And was it Andrews from their full back line (for a little 'mongrel' in the team. Tim Watson and Michael Long

    Hawthorn - as much as I hate them - Buckenara, Dipper, Dunstall without doubt (2nd pick), maybe Leigh Matthews

    Harvey and Harvey

    Kevin Barlett my third pick

    Bernie Quinlan and, when he was good, Jason Akermanis as a Lion representative


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  • 3 years ago

    which will take place sooner or later however the AFL has a financial duty to the code (and all human beings) to confirm it does not "head south" as you placed it, like the previous VFL became into. Sending Collingwood to play in Hobart and leaving a Melb. venue empty on the comparable time could be as economically reckless as reserving a gum leaf participant for a one guy gig on the MCG on the same time as on the comparable time reserving a John Farnham & Jimmy Barnes double header into the Birdville Pub residing room fo a gig. Following on from Shifty's A on your till now Q, my tip on right here 18 months in the past became into 2 greater communities to be introduced after GWS commence in the comp. and their start to coincide with the tip of the 5 3 hundred and sixty 5 days NT /Tas refurbs and interest schedules. on the comparable time I assume the 20 communities to be cut as much as two x 10 group comps with the A. group being created from the main appropriate 10 communities at end of 2015 and the B group, the different 8 plus NT & Tas. with relegation & promoting between the two. Economically this could use the main important venues for the main important video games - the A's, and smaller venues for smaller golf equipment. As Shifty reported it gets rid of tanking by using fact the two 9 & 10 in the A's cop relegation and the ten in group B would have the priority, in a miles greater even comp, to learn promoting. finally, Canberra:- 2 x 10 group comps (9 homestead & aways plus a pair of interior sight derby weekends p.a.) helps room to characteristic greater communities to the two leagues and before published Stats Bureau inhabitants figures tutor 8 or 9 different areas of Aust. with greater inhabitants than A.C.T. that are on the AFL,s destiny objective checklist. merely transforming into golf equipment to assuage a small minority is a recipe for disaster. The AFL has to a million. Generate the two participant and supporter interest first. 2. Generate money to offer venues & financial advice to get new golf equipment off the floor 3. commence up & rationally combine new golf equipment into the AFL Comps. Rome wasn't outfitted in an afternoon !

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This is my best afl team of this generation:

    CENTRE: Wing:Dane Swan (Coll)

    Centre:Chris Judd (W.D)

    Wing:Brett Dilidio (Rich)

    MIDFIELDERS: Ruck:Dean Cox (W.C)

    Ruck Rover:Daniel Kerr (W.C)

    Rover:Gary Ablett jr (Geel)

    BACK LINE: Back Pocket:Mathew Scarlett (Geel)

    Full Back:Mal Micheal (Ess)

    Back Pocket:Leo Barry (Syd)

    HALF BACK: Back Flank:Andrew Mcleod (Adel)

    Half Back:Mathew Eagan (Geel)

    Back Flank:Campbell Brown (Haw)

    FORWARD: Forward Pocket:Brad Johnson (W.B)

    Full Forward:Mathew Pavlich (Freo)

    Forward Pocket:Cameron Mooney (Geel)

    HALF FORWARD: Forward Flank:Steve Johnson (Geel)

    Half Forward:Johnathon Brown (Bris)

    Forward Flank:Steven Milne (St.K)

    INTERCHANGE: Jeol Corey (Geel)

    Dustin Fletcher (Ess)

    Brendon Lade (Port)

    Camoron Ling (Geel)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I see u have Garry Ablett sn and jn but what about Nathan Ablett he's a good player too

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  • 1 decade ago

    um how does gary ablett jr score the ruck he is way too short to ruck my ruckman would be big cox (not the tallest but of the rucks he is the most agile)

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  • 1 decade ago

    pffft. ablett jnr? he is good but of all time?

    where is Vossy??? and what do you mean 'maybe Matthews'. it is tough to decide, with so many greats throughout history, but come on!!!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Any1 from freo will make a great team!

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  • conda
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    Troy Luff - no one's better than Luffy.

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  • 1 decade ago

    afl players

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