About the disposal of waste to landfill or incineration.

1.Please give the advantage and disadvantage of disposal of waste to landfilling and incineration respectively.

2.Do you think landfilling is better than incineration or incineration is better than landfilling?Please give detail reasons(*According to reference books or websites).

Please give your answer with reference books or websites.

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    1.Direct dumping of waste is cheaper.

    2.Air pollution can be reduced,poisonous substances are

    released to the air during burning.

    3.Methane can be collected as fuel to sustain the operation of landfill area.


    1.Useful land is occupied.

    2.Unpleasant smell is produced.

    3.Underground water can be contaminated.

    Both methods of rubbish treatment should not be the mainstream, the best method starts from classification of rubbish and advocate the four slogans namely, reuse, recycle, reduce and recover. Rubbish can be reduced to a minimum through educating people how to protect the environment. Many products should be designed to be environmentally friendly.

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