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有一首歌 唱的人不記得了



是白人唱的? (一人還是兩人團體忘了)

歌名隱隱約約記憶是"INFORM"或是"INFORMED" 類似的發音


懷念起過去的歌 正在一一收集阿@@


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Chorus: *2

    Informer, you no say

    that's who I'm gonna blame

    a licky boom boom down

    Detective man said Daddy Snow

    I stabbed someone down the lane

    a licky boom boom down

    Police than come and

    they blow down my door

    One him crawl through my window

    so than they put me in the back

    of the car at the station

    From that point on I reached my destination

    Now the destination reached

    was the East detention

    where they whipped out my pants and

    looked up my bottom


    The bigger they are

    the think the have more power

    They're say on the phone

    me say no every hour

    I said I want to use it once

    to call my lover

    Lover who I'm gonna call

    Is the one Tammy

    I love her from my heart

    down to my belly

    Yes Daddy Snow, I'm the coolest Daddy

    It's the one MC Shan and the one that is Snow

    together we are like a tornado

    Listen to me better listen to me now

    when I rock the microphone

    I rock it steady

    Yes Sir Daddy Snow

    me are the article done

    when I'm at a dance

    They say where you come from

    People than say I come from Jamaica

    but I'm born and raised in the ghetto

    That's all I want you to know

    my shoes used to tear up and my toes used to show

    where I'm born is the one Toronto, so.


    Come with a nice young lady

    Intelligent, yes she's gentle and irie

    Everywhere I'm go I've never left her at all

    Yes me Snow roam the dance

    Roam the dance in every nation

    You'd never know me Daddy Snow

    I'm the Boom Shakata

    I'll never lay down flat

    in one cardboard box

    Yes me Daddy Snow

    I'm gonna reached the top, so.


    Why would he, why would he would he would he ...

    We sitting round cool

    with my dibby dibby girl

    Police knock my door - lick up my pal

    Rough me up and I can't do a thing

    Pick up my line while the telephone rings

    take me to the station

    Black up my hands

    Trail me down cause I'm hanging with the Snowman

    What I'm gonna do, I'm black and I'm trapped

    Slap me in the face and took all of my gap

    They have no clues and the want to get warmer

    But Shan won't turn Informer


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