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Hello HI﹗

I′m......../ My name is.......

Excuse me,what's your mame again?

Pleased to meet you / Nice to meet you

Here's my card

Thanks / Thank you

Good bye / Bye! / see you later / so long!

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    假設這是二個人的對話---其中一個是 Mike, 另一個是 Jane

    Mike: Hello! Hi! I'm Mike.

    Jane: Hi, my name is Jane.

    Mike: Excuse me, what's your name again?

    Jane: My name is Jane.

    Mike: Pleased to meet you.

    Jane: Nice to meet you. Here is my name card.

    Mike: Thank you. Here is mine. Nice to meet you.

    Jane: Thank you for giving us the chance to introduce our products to you. I hope we could meet your requirements.

    Mike: Sure, let's begin the introduction.


    Mike: Great job. Now, I understand your products very well. I will ask our purchaser to contact you in short time.

    Jane: Thank you. Good bye.

    Mike: Anytime. See you soon.

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