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商用英文,回覆FDA報告 (部要翻譯軟體)

客人打"also, are all of your tattoos FDA approved?"






Not all our products have been certified by the FDA. However, please rest assured that we could modify the inks and other materials used in them, based on your special requests and with applicable certificates.

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    Not all of our products are certified by the FDA, but FDA-certified inks and materials along with certification document may be made available upon your demand. Please rest assured!

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    We do not have all of our products approved under the FDA regulations,


    However, we are able to arrange what you need on your request, for those ink and materials that are meeting the FDA standards,


    and be providing you with the all the product release documentations,

    making sure there is nothing to worry about.

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    There is no FDA approval for our every product. However we can use

    FDA certified ink and materail on the product based on your demand.

    We can also provide the proof to you.

    Please feel comfortable to work with us.

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    We don't test all products for FDA but we can ensure to our Tattoo can be passed the FDA testing per your reqeust. The specially printing ink and material would be used to the Tattoos for FDA. Please do be worry for the FDA testing, we will provide the report to you for record.

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