Okay. So tommorrow (27th september) is the 8th season Premiere on CBS TV for CSI with the episode Dead Doll. i REALLY want to watch this horribly badly but i have TWO problems.

1) I have Dish Network, and i can't seem to find CBS on my Dish Network OR the number to call Dish.

2) I havn't seen Living Doll from season 7 and since i dont have CBS i cant watch it again or something.

Does anyone know where i can watch Living Doll online?? And which channel CBS is on on Dish Network? If Dish Network doesnt have CBS, how can i watch the premiere tommorrow? I have A&E and Spike but their not showing it tommorrow.

Please can someone help me?

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    As with directv, dish network only allows you to watch the "local" channels if they have come to a financial agreement or you are in an area where it has been proven that you can't recieve that channel using an antenna. This will change in the future, but that is how it is for now. If you live in the US, you can go to www.cbs.com and choose full episodes option. From there, you can choose to see Living Dolls from last season and, after tomorrow, you will be able to watch the new episode as well. I am sure there are other sources out there, like youtube and tvshows, but this is the original.

    Source(s): www.cbs.com
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    Well, I have Dish Network. I don't know if its any different from state to state or whatever about the channel lineup, but CBS is channel 5 on my T.V. Dish Networks phone number is 1-800-333-dish. Try doing a search for the finale episode of CSI: online, probably will be able to watch last seasons finale episode on the website for CSI. I can't wait to watch the new season myself tonight. Happy to help.

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    CSI comes on spike on dish on 168. The number to dish is 1-800-333-dish. or hit the big button on the remote that says dish and it will take you to the help screen.

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    i live in central cali and it shows on channel 47 at 9pm tonight if u wanna watch try searching for it on ares its a free downloadable site im sure someone will post it later

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