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Why is Dell selling computers with FreeDos?

FreeDos seems to be an open-source version of MSDOS. I can understand if people wanted a computer with DOS, but these things are coming with dual-core processors and gigabytes of RAM. Why would your need that kind of power for something that can only run DOS programs?

Update 2:

I can understand people not wanting windows, I'm somewhat of a linux user myself. But with Dual-core processors? That's a little bit overkill don't you think. Unless you planned on installing a different OS

Update 3:

And a lot of these computers with Freedos are about the same price and some are even more expensive than the ones with windows.

Update 4:

All I see on the site is: Freedos aims to be a 100% compatible MSDOS operating system. And most XP programs can't run in DOS mode. So I doubt it can run XP programs

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    I vaguely recall reading somewhere that Dell sells computers like this because they once signed a contract with Microsoft to not sell any computers without an operating system. So Dell installs FreeDOS as a kind of throwaway operating system (kind of sad, actually). I'm not sure why they cost so much, though.

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    I have seen some machines advertised with FreeDos here in Ha Noi. If you want Windoze, you pay for a legal copy and they install it. Many people here are running bootlegged copies.

    Basically name brand machines have a choice. They install legal XP and charge quite a bit more than the competition (and lose a lot of sales) or they install illegal versions of XP and if caught risk to lose their franchise, or install FreeDos / Linix / whatever, and let the customer do the illegal install.

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    check and you will se that you can do with FreeDOS everything what you can do with windows - windows is much prettier and has better choice of software of course

    dell is selling computer preloaded with freedos for 2 reasons:

    1.- there is demand

    2.- freedos is free as name says so they don't pay a penny for

    the operating system and they earn big profit margin on them

    - they pay $$$$ for each copy of windows they preload on

    windows desktops/laptops/servers

    these 2 reason can also explain why dell sells computer preloaded with linux too

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    Because some people do NOT want Windows, and don't want to pay for it either.

    Dell is also selling computers with various flavors of Linux, all clamored for on their website.

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