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fafsa, change to lower income parent...?

i applied for fafsa since i started college three years ago, and have NEVER been eligable. thing is, i dont even live at home with my mom, i live with my boyfriend, and i live off $500 a month from stipend i get from my scholarship. here's my problem. i want to do "corrections" on my 07-08 fafsa and put that i'm living with my father, who gets low income. i know that if i just use only his income, i will be eligable to get some fafsa. is it ok for me to just put my father's income on the fafsa, and not my mom's and stepdad's, if i dont leven live with any of them and live on my own, to get any amountof financial aid? is it considered illegal to not report my mom's income, even if i'm not living with her? other than medical and dental insurance, i don't get anything else from my mom, no money, nothing, i support myself in every other way. so, can i just make corrections to fafsa and only put my father's income?

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    Honestly? I would check with your schools financial aid office. It's been a while since i've had to fill out fafsa but there's certain rules and requirements. And until youre age 25, married, in the military or have children you're going to be considered a dependent by your parents whether or not they actually claim you as one (which in my opinion really sucks because I got shafted the same as you are). But if you "misrepresent" your parents financial situation (at least misreppresent by FAFSA's standards) it could get you into really big trouble in the long run if the feds find out. Your Schools financial aid office should be able to give you an idea of who's income is required for you to report whether it be one or both since your parents are divorced. If they give you the go ahead then definitely switch to your dad's income it could certainly help you out a lot if it's lower than your mom's.

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    Congrats on the 5 hundred.00 scholarship. you're very fortunate. ok, it incredibly is the deal. maximum possibly, in case you will a typical 3 semester a 12 months college, your fafsa application has already been processed, and your financial help Award Letter has already been issued. some faculties have even dispersed funds. So attempting to make a correction may well be fruitless - each and every thing has already been submitted for this 12 months and you have already signed (asserting each and every of the advice is right) on your fafsa. in case your mom is the parent who supported you the main and the main at present (and out of your rationalization of medical and dental coverage - feels like she does) then specific, you may placed mom and step dad. it is not significant in case you reside consisting of your mom or not, or if she substances no funds. you are able to't "legally" placed your dad till he supported you extra advantageous than your mom the main at present. Sorry...

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