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Underachieving football team?

I drafted 12th in a 12 team league and thought I had a pretty solid team. The question I need to make some trade offers or is this team just underachieving at the moment. I'm 0-3

I drafted eleventh in a 12 team league reg. scoring.

I'm 0-2 and its basically due to by Wideouts where can i improve this squad?

QB- Delhomme, Hasselback

RB- Parker, Henry, Brandon Jackson, Morris

WR- Fitzgerald, Holmes, V Jackson, Marshall

TE- Gates

DEF- Denver, Dallas

Thoughts? Thanks

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    I think your team has some issues but you could win some games. You have some room to improve, but you have a way to do it. I would search in your league for a team that has a tight end that has not gotten the job done this year. Just see who has a starter at te thats not scored much on average. They will give almost anything on their team for a player like Gates. Use their desire to improve at tight end against them. Look for someone who is deep at RB or you could get someone to give up a number 1 wr. I have seen people give up Marvin Harrison for him. It will hurt to lose him, but how many games has he won you this far? Good Luck in any case.

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    well by the sounds of it, it sounds like you have a league on if im right then you start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1D/ST.

    if i had your team this is how id start it:

    QB - Jake Delhomme (when he's not injured of course)

    RB - Fast Willie and Travis Henry

    WR - Larry Fitzgerald, Brandon Marshall, and Santonio Holmes

    TE - Antonio Gates

    D/ST - Denver

    i recommend shopping Henry around while his fantasy value is sky-high. maybe offer someone Henry for LJ (while his value is low). i also REALLY recommend getting rid of the Dallas defense and picking up Houston.

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    Yeah..its your receiving core. See if Derek Mason is available in FA, and also Ronald Curry, they should be better then Jackson and Holmes

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    trade b.jackson and morris for a wr and then get another 2 rbs

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