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Help with my Dawrf Puffers and Bubble Eyed Goldfish?

ok 3 questions!

1) I have dwarf Puffers and i bought some frozen brime shrimp and they didn't touch it at all. I forgot to feed them this morning so i asumed they'd be hungry but they didn't touch it. Are my fish picky or something, should i try again tonight and stuff, or whats up? [i did defrost them and stuff and all that jazz]

2) I'm going on vacation for three days. With my goldfish i was planning on just buying one of those vacation feeder things, but right now she is in a temp. tank thats only 2.5 gallons, and most vacation feeders are for 10+ gallons [ that i've found so far]. But i also have my puffers, and they won't eat not-live food. I might just end up having to get my neighbor to feed them while i'm gone, or just let them skip three days of food [no please!], but what do you think i should do?

3) ALSO, i'm looking for tank mates for my goldfish. I'm looking at Black moors right now cause they are similar in eyesight and speed and stuff, but what is another one?


***My goldfish is just a baby right now, it's a wee bit under an inch long, i do plan on getting a bigger [much bigger] tank, but first thats why i wanted to pick out some tank mates first.

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    1) It could be either. Not hungry or just don't like it. Fish are like people in that respect. We all have different tastes and like different things. I've had fish where one loves something and the other turns its nose up at it. Try it again a few times more, then give up on the brine shrimp and try something else.

    2) Goldfish can live for several days without food. 3 days is a perfectly acceptable time to let them go without eating. In fact, it'll probably be good for cleaning out their innards. If you trust your neighbor implicitly to feed correctly, then you could have them come feed the puffers. But, I think the puffers will be fine also and better to underfeed than incorrectly feed. Throw some chow in just before you leave and that way, it will only be two days, technically, that they go without food! :)

    3) No tank mates for your goldfish unless you are able to provide at the very least a 20 gallon tank for them with the intent of upgrading to a 40 gallon in about 2 years. And no getting more fish before you get a bigger tank. You get the bigger tank, get it cycled, THEN get more fish. Even if they are only 1 inch. 2 inches of goldfish in a 2.5 gallon tank is still way overcrowded. But, I appreciate that you recognize the eyesight and speed issues!

    With regard to different types of goldfish, and I am assuming you have a fancy goldfish with specialized eyes as you mentioned the eyes and speed, the other types of compatible goldfish in addition to the telescope eyes, will be ones that have "celestial" eyes or "bubble" eyes. These types of eyes can be on any type of goldfish, i.e., fantail, veiltail, ryukin, ranchu, etc., so don't worry about the sub-species of fish, worry about getting another one with specialized eyes.

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    first, take that poor goldfish out of that inappropriate tank. Get AT LEAST a 10 gallon! Or if you want additional fish, a 20-30, goldfish are big. It is also safer to just not feed them if you are only going for three days. Those vacation feeders will dirty their water and make them sick, especially given the bad conditions you already have your fish in.

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