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Who helped Mara Jade become good?

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    Ever since Mara's capture during Infancy 1 year after the famous battle between Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mara Jade has worked for Emperor Palpatine doing illegal jobs and killing members of different groups. In 4.5 ABY the Emperor died and her Career as the Emperors Hand came to an end. Her contacts were then killed, made a run for it, or disappeared. So she was left a Hobo, hunting down her number 1 enemy and soon to be lover... Luke Skywalker. Then she met someone that helped her to become a better person. A man who took over Jorj Car'das'ses Organization, the Head Smuggler Karrde. Though Karrde was a smuggler and did do some kidnap for rand some he was still better that the Emperor. Then after 6 months in Karrdes Smuggling group she found Lukes X-wing floating in deep space and Karrde took Luke into custody. Then numerous events happened which would take ALL day to explain so I'll get to the point. After being forced to cooperate after crash landing on planet Myrkr. They became partners and they each had a titanic (big) effect on each others life's. Luke turned her to the Light side of the force and Mara gave Luke a companion and a Partner.

    And thats all you really need to know.

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    Luke skywalker makes her chose the light side of the force instead of the dark side. They later get married and have children.

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