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airplane keys?

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    I will attempt to answer your question...If you are asking if airplanes require keys to start them or to enter into them, then the answer is no. You can start an airplane just by pressing a few button combinations and pulling a few circuit breakers.

    Since 9/11, you cannot enter the cockpit from the outside, but pre-9/11, airline crews used to have a set of keys for the flight deck.

    Source(s): I work for an airline
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    do you mean ignition keys there are none.

    if you mean cockpit door keys for bullet proof doors there are none only combination codes but for non-bullet proof door there is.

    if you mean cabin door keys there are none it only door locking handles

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    In the visor

    Source(s): In the movies I suppose that's where they leave the keys!
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    oh god YAHOO answers should block people who ask stupid questions...!!! thanks for the points though

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