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Why do people hate Wal-Mart?

About 96% of Corporate America IS worse and pay less than Wal-Mart, moreover, they do not share an excellent package such as yearly bonus, guaranteed vacations, never fired people due to lack of work, and offer an excellent 401K with a chance to buy stock. The worst offenders are Target, K-Mart which owns Sears (together they are Sears Holdings). Fast Food and Security Guard corporations (low level Security Guards) get not pay raises and have a high turnover. The worst are the small business owners that claim that Wal-Mart destroys the economy which are unproven lies.


Wal-Mart's symbol is WMT in the New York Stock Exchange

Update 2:

Wal-Mart is better than the US military commissaries.

Update 3:

I love Wal-Mart and they will continue to improve

Update 4:

About 96% of Corporate America IS worse and pay less than Wal-Mart actually does!

Update 5:

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc is the #1 private employer in the world!

Update 6:

They offer 401K and share a bonus while most companies offer neither at the same time.



Update 7:

Wal-Mart is number 1 because it has earned it success!

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    Wal-Mart is specifically targeted because it is the biggest retailer in the *world*.

    A new Wal-Mart destroys jobs by putting local merchants out of business. The jobs Wal-Mart creates are fewer, lower-paying and mostly part-time.

    Most jobs at Wal-Mart have little or no health benefits. Wal-Mart encourages its workers to seek public assistance for their health care.

    The average hourly worker makes just $18,000 dollars a year. Meanwhile the corporation rakes in $7 billion in profits.

    Wal-Mart is able to provide low prices because they are heavily subsidized by taxpayers. In addition to relying on public health care for their employees, Wal-Mart has benefited from over $1 billion in economic development subsidies.

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    I don't know what is with the faction that hates Wal-Mart. Apparently it isn't to widespread because, since their revenue is doing just fine.

    I also agree that alot of companies have some sort of issues. I am not sure what about Wal-Mart warrants the extra attention. The important thing, is that company operates within the law. Today that is about all you can expect.

    I shop their a few times a month for non-perishable items, and will continue to do so.

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    I believe that because Wal-mart is a household name, they are easy to pick on. They are one of the most successful big box stores, therefore they are easier to pick on and people do not feel bad about hating them because they are so successful, kind of like, they can stand up to the criticisms. Also, Wal-mart does not hire union laborers when constructing there stores, so that causes some controversy as well.

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    Mega-corporate issues aside,

    I quit shopping there because it's filthy. Last time I found a chicken bone discarded on a fabric shelf!

    The lines are always really bad, and the parking lot is a filthy nightmare.

    I'm also not particularly fond of their clothing or food lines. I actually love Target's Archer Farms brand.

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    Because the Mr. Sam's oldest son has astrayed from what they claim and have Hillary Clinton on their corner who was on the Board of Directors and Hillary Clinton is a proven chicken-hearted politician who kicks her opponent when they are down.

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    http://walmartwatch.com/ Just the front page of this website lists a few of my reasons. I won't give the Waltons any of my money. They have enough already.

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    I dont' no but i love wally world

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