why are Republicans so against providing 35 billion to provide insurance to middle class children who's parent

's cannot afford health insurance but are willing to continue pumping over 12 billion a week into Iraq indefinatly?


Wow Doc,

Why the attack at the bottom? Who says that I am not ready to hear the answers to the question I asked. I think your long winded answer is actually really good...but the attack at the end made me cry :(

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    It doesnt benefit the wealthy to help out the middle class. The same reason we will never have universal health care, too many people getting rich the way it is. The Iraq war benefits a lot of people financially that support the GOP. You wouldnt want to make them angry would you?

  • Doc
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    1 decade ago

    Two thoughts.

    First, this country is not a socialist, but rather a capitalist bases economy. Health insurance is not a right. It is a privilege enjoyed by those who studied hard, did well in school, worked hard and planned ahead. To deny those who've earned the privilege by "Giving" it to those who have not completely undermines the whole concept of capitalism and reward and failure. I prefer we teach them to fish so that they may provide for themselves rather than give them a fish so that they will be forever dependent upon us (me) to provide for them that which they failed to learn the first time around.


    The war in Iraq is about oil and securing the world's economy (which is based on oil). It was very much about holding Saddam and his Baath Party accountable to the cease fire agreement that ended the first gulf war (AKA Desert Storm). It has since morphed into my opening statement on the second thought. Iran sits atop the world's third largest oil deposit and so completely mismanaged their own source that over the last three years, they've not been able to export a single drop. Rather, to keep up with their own supply and demand issues, have had to IMPORT. Iran has been behind the frequent terrorist attacks taking place in Iraq starting with the prelude to that country's first "Free" elections. All in an attempt to undermine the efforts of that country's new found government. Iran has already stated openly, that they are ready to step in to "Fill the vacuum" of leadership when the U.S. (and coalition forces) depart. Considering the anti Israeli, anti western rhetoric coming from that country. You as a people should be gravely concerned. Be very clear and understand, this country (Iran) intends to do you harm, if not physically, then economically. Should you choose to cut and run, there will be extreme and dire consequences for us all.

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  • Hans B
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    From what I gather they simply can't stand the idea that someone should get something for nothing, even if it is a helpless child whose parents are for one reason or another unable to get them insurance.

    On a side note, I think every American should visit Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, or Denmark. Each of those countries has universal health care and it works fantastic. The quality of life is higher than in the US, the cost of healthcare is less than in the US, and in some cases people pay less taxes than in the US. I'm American, but I live in Switzerland, and I know this first hand. I payed way more taxes in the US than here and my healthcare was terrible. I don't know why it hasn't caught on in the US.

  • Karma
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    Because it's a moronic idea. We should find a way, instead, to curb costs so that middle class working family can afford to purchase insurance - not punish them with high taxes and more inflation via socialism.

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  • Anonymous
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    the huge conglomerates that were started by h.m.o.'s have taken over the bulk of hospitals and it is a monoply now and most of capitol hill owns shares of stock in their spouses name,hillory clinton wants to force-ffed a new national health care to end this

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    Bush said that getting children on health care is the first step to getting healthcare for everyone. What is the point of having a perk for the rich, if everyone else gets it too?

    Realistically, every dollar that is spent to help Americans is one less dollar that Bush has to funnel to Haliburton.


  • Anonymous
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    because they dont feel that the goverment should have control of health care and we as people should have to pay for someone else who it too lazy to get a job.

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    Because we are for people taking care of themselves...it is not the governments job to run social programs, however brainwashed some of you may be.

  • Anonymous
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    What the hell, keep spending and before you know it a loaf of bread will be $100.00.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Better returns.

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