BLACKWATER a good thing or bad thing?? and why??


I have not been brainwashed into thinking blackwater has been training any one yet , is there a tv channel I can watch to get this training?

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    very bad , why are they being paid by the state department instead of the defense department ,

    because its just another way to hide how much our government is ripping us off. it is also a way to hide how many people we have over in Iraq.

    PMCs (Privite Military Companies) funded by state dept

    U.S. companies

    Name HQ Portfolio Details

    (3D Global Solutions)[24]: Carmel, IN United Arab Emirates, Honduras, Iraq

    Aedion N/A N/A

    Alpha Point Security Twain Harte, California most to individual clients (Website) Armed Security, UAV-

    Intelligence (ISR) and Consulting... defense against piracy, terrorists and rebels.

    AirScan Titusville, FL US Department of Defense, US Air Force, NASA

    Maximum Protective Services,

    ECOPETROL: the national oil company of Colombia, Occidental Petroleum Corporation,

    Cabinda Gulf Oil Company (Angola), SONANGOL: national oil company of Angola || airborne surveillance and security

    AQMI Strategy Corp

    Blackwater USA (Website) Moyock, NC Iraq 800 million dollar contrat with state dept.

    Braddock Dunn & McDonald (BDM) long-established defense contractor purchased in mid-1990s by TRW and onsold to Northrop Grumman in December 2002

    C3 Defense, Inc. (Website)

    CACI - California Analysis Center, Incorporated Arlington, VA

    Critical Intervention Services Clearwater, FL paramilitary Security Agency

    Custer Battles McLean, Virginia

    Berodt Dynamics Iowa Defence contractor

    Defensecurity (Website) Defense Security Training Service Corporation North Miami Beach, FL

    Defion Internacional, (Website)

    DynCorp, (Website) Falls Church, VA

    Eastern Cross Iraq, Middle East

    Elite Security Corps

    ITT Corporation White Plains, NY

    ISCS International

    International Security Instructors, (Website) River Edge, NJ

    Kellogg Brown and Root Houston, TX Formerly a Division of Halliburton

    Landmine Sourcing - Global PMC Recruiters (Website)

    Military Professional Resources Inc. (MPRI) (Website) Alexandria, VA

    ManTech International Corporation

    Northbridge Services Group Turkmenstan, Somalia, Nigeria

    Northrop Grumman Los Angeles, CA

    Overwatch Protection Solutions International, (Website)

    Paratus World Wide Protection, (Website) Charlotte, NC Iraq

    Ronin Worldwide Executive Protection, LLC, (Website) Dearborn, MI

    Raytheon Cambridge, MA

    SCG International Risk (Website) Fairfax, VA

    Sharp End International (Website) who use mainly

    Australian and New Zealand ex-special forces instructors

    SkyLink USA, affiliated with SkyLink Aviation Herndon, VA

    SOS(special ops security) Temps, Inc founded by former Navy Seal Richard Marcinko.

    Spartan Consulting Group (Website)3 Los Angeles, CA

    Tactical Response Services Tampa, FL paramilitary Security Agency

    Titan Corporation San Diego, CA Benin

    Top Cat Marine Security (Website) Malverne, NY marine security

    Triple Canopy, Inc. (Website) Herndon, Virginia South America, Iraq

    Vinnell Corporation Fairfax, Virginia Turkey, Saudi Arabia

    VIP Investigations & Protective Services Inc. (Website)

    EUBSA BV Inc. STOP units - Special Tactics and OPerations (Website) Beaverton, Oregon

    Pathfinder Security Services Casper, Wyoming, USA oil, gas and mining sector; mainly in the US

    Source(s): The War on Terror and the 21st Century The modern private military company has evolved from a hybrid of the wild activities of rogue white officers, and their African recruits, often linked with intelligence agencies running around Africa, and their more legitimate counterparts working under contract from Cold War hero countries. This coupled with the risk advisory services offered to corporations by companies like Kroll, Inc. and CRG and the introduction of more legitimate players from the high ranks of big militaries have come together to offer security to companies doing business in hostile regions and to countries seeking to upgrade their militaries. The war in Iraq and Afghanistan along with the promised long global war against terror has created a boom in the security and risk advisory market. Trained and experienced military personnel from Special Forces units in the US, UK, Israel and South Africa are retiring to take part. The same is true for the intelligence agencies as companies aiding business ventures in Iraq like GlobalOptions and Diligence see executives on the boards from the CIA, DIA, FBI, the Secret Service, FEMA and MI6. Many companies are subsidiaries of larger firms. MPRI and Titan were bought by L-3 Communications which is traded on the NYSE. Defence Systems Limited was bought by Armor Holdings, Inc., renamed ArmorGroup than bought out by its board. Group 4 Securicor is a merger between Group 4 Falck and the Wackenhut Corporation providing services from armed prison guards to guarding embassies to supplying electronic surveillance. Computer Sciences Corporation acquired DynCorp. Many of these companies, while paid with taxpayer money when working under government contracts, are often registered offshore somewhere, escaping tax on many profits from re-entering the representative, public Treasury. Other companies provide specialized advice and training for maritime concerns such as Executive Solutions International, LLC (ESI). The threat to port cities where liquefied natural gas comes in on container ships could be severe. Pirating and other attacks on the high seas are a threat in many areas of the world. Companies are developing to meet the security needs of cities and companies subject to terrorist or other attacks on shipments. The laws surrounding hired soldiers and civilian contractors is not clear and not well defined under international agreements. This is a reason why increasingly the focus is regulation at the national level; e.g. as the licensing mechanisms used by the United States and South Africa demonstrate. Yet many of the hired soldiers are not American; they could be from the country of conflict, or flown in from Chile, El Salvador, or South Africa. Exactly what jurisdiction, aside from their employer, they are under is, according to some commentators, uncertain. [1] This is true for American contractors as well. Civilian contractors working for Dyncorp in the Balkan wars were implicated by a fellow employee for indulging in a child prostitution and sale ring in the war torn country. [2] Those who turned in the employees were fired, and later the offending employees were fired , however not charged with anything. [3] Some of the interrorgators in the Abu Ghraib crimes were civilian contractors provided by Titan and CACI. They have yet to be charged for any crimes, however they are being sued as are the two companies. [4][5][6] All three companies have continued to receive large wartime contracts from the US government.
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    Security is a good thing. Blackwater is controversial because they are so closely tied with the American government, which already has a military... They also have a bad reputation, and the truth behind that reputation can't easily be determined. I say they are a bad thing for the time being; the US should have no need for them. At the cost of Blackwater we could deploy 8-10 times as many soldiers, which is closer to the number we need for an effective surge to stop the flow of militants and weapons into Iraq.

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    There have always been companies like blackwater and there will always be companies like blackwater.

    Blackwater has been around a long time.

    Someone has to train civilian law enforment agencies in

    anti terrorist operations.

    The active military just doesn't have enough special forces to both do their job and train law enforcement.

    Someone has to be available, to assist the State Department's diplomatic security corp, when they need additional personal.

    So if not Blackwater, it would be one of the other security companies.

    The reason people focus on Blackwater, is because the owner, has donated to the Bush campaigns.

    No one said a thing about Blackwater being used in the Balkins to guard diplomats.

    And on security contractors in general.

    Who would want the US military, to protect some kuwaiti construction firm ?

    I sure wouldn't, let them hire their own security. Which they have.

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    Private armies are never a good thing Chris. They are a major problem.

    They serve money not country and will do whatever those that pay them dictate. You need to ask yourself if the people who are able to pay a private army have your best interests or their interests at heart and if your interests coincide with the ultra-rich.

    That being said their current role in Iraq is a positive thing, because we don't need our soldiers protecting civilian contractors. If the state department is indeed paying for their services and not these private contractors, I believe that is treason and should be impeachable, so I doubt it is true that the government is paying for their services.

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    I don't know much about Blackwater except the Liberal attacks. It would seem to me, they must be doing something right simply based on that alone!

    It is hard to believe that the State Department would hire a contractor to provide security for Diplomats and Dignitaries who would just fire their weapons into a group of innocent people. Like the basic tenet of Justice in the US, I believe they should be considered innocent until proven guilty. And I am NOT referring to illegal combatants either.

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    For the Iraqis that come into contact with them they are bound by NO law, and have killed with impunity. You might think that the American taxpayer is getting ripped off by them, but that is apparently the market price to go to the Dictator Dumbya Big Lie Iraqi Crusade. They are resented by "the troops" that the right wing pretends to "support".

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    Blackwater - a good thing to take our military out of the security role for dignitaries and other contractors to the Iraq crisis.

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    The Mercenaries are a good thing because they free up troops to do the important work of fighting the enemy, not watching dignitaries and buildings. Notice they have not been ejected

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    blackwater is great for the terrorists. by being so trigger happy they give the insurgents a lot of new recruits. and then they smuggle arms to those insurgents.

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    Even according to the Iraqi Parliament the use of private organizations to protect delegates helps keep the need for pulling operational forces off the battle field to protect politicians and celebrities.

    Source(s): I also add can anyone name one job they didnt take care of. In other words is there one person they were charged to look after that got hurt... nope.
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