My 10 month old baby wakes up every 2 hours at night!?

I'm nursing and he won't nurse or take a bottle during the day. At night, he'll nurse sometimes and sometimes just suckle. Either way, he'll fall asleep right away but will wake up again in 2 hours. I'm exhausted. He HAS to be exhausted. Help!


He has NEVER slept through the night. He only naps 2x a day for 30 minutes each time. At most he naps for 45 minutes. At night, he nurses back to sleep or suckles only. We're exhausted, he has to be exhausted. He sleeps with us because in the crib he wakes up every 1/2 hour. We have tried the letting him cry thing. Doesn't work. He won't nurse during the day, won't take formula or regular milk. Help!

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    First, I just went through something like this with my 8 month old and I took him to the doc and he has an ear infection in BOTH ears. I didn't even know he was sick and besides these things you are talking about he seemed normal. So rule something like that out first. If it isn't that he is probably just going through a growing spurt or maybe he has just hit or is about to hit a milestone. Walking maybe? Good luck hun, I know it is exhausting but hang in there!

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    Everyone else is right. My daughter did it too at that age. She turns 1 on Friday and has done it off and on since 4 months. Last night I had to get up with her once. The night before 3 times. Some nights she goes for 12 hours without waking up. If I were you I would just leave everything the way it was. If she is in her own room good. Try waiting a few minutes and seeing if she goes back to sleep on her own. If not go in and just lay her back down. If she uses a pacifier, put it back in her mouth. Tuck her in and leave the room. She doesn't need fed every time and will start getting up because she knows you will give her attention and feed her. If she absolutely won't go back to sleep go ahead and feed her. Keep the room dark and don't make it interesting or exciting. Just feed and lay back down. Soon she will learn to just go back to sleep.

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    I would suspect that your milk supply is probably diminishing. Mine started o at around 9 months and the doctor gave me some meds to help bring back my supply. I had the same problem you did, my son woke up every couple of hours. We found out that it was because he was hungry. We tried supplementing with formula, but he wouldn't take that at all since he was exclusivly breastfed. I'd say ask the pediatrician if she can prescribe you something to help bring back your supply (it doesn't affect the baby-the meds that is) and try to dring more water that will help too. Also there is some herbal tea called Mother's Milk- you can get it at most health food stores and that helped me a lot too. So eventualy my supply came back but my son was ready to wean himself at 11 months- and still wouldn't take formula or breastmilk in a bottle... So we ended up putting him on Pediasure for a bit until he got used to regular whole milk. After he started drinking that pretty good he slept a lot better. Best of luck to you, I know what your going through and I hope that you get it resolved soon!

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    ok 1st BREATH. I have a 10 month old and recently he has started the same thing. I read that babies that are becoming more mobile start waking again up in the middle of the night. Here is where the tough love comes in ok. First your baby isn't hungry or wet ok so you just have to go in and make him comfy again then walk out. He is probably half asleep his self and shouldn't notice too much. But, you do have to walk back out. If you go to him everytime it will re-set his schedule and he will become accustomed to getting up. Ignore him if you can and things should return to normal soon. Good Luck

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    *lol* He's reverse cycling. If he isn't eating during the day he has to make up for it at night. And at 10 months most of his caloric intake should still be breastmilk.

    The only thing that may help is getting him to nurse more during the day. Try to nurse him at least every 2 hours during the day (to start) and try nursing in a boring room like your bedroom with the lights off. Nursing lying down may help too.

    Reverse Cycling

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    Sleeping Through the Night

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    you poor thing. there's no torture like sleep deprivation! i went through the same thing with my now 3-year-old and it was HORRIBLE. people told me to let her cry it out, give her rice cereal, and all kinds of other made-up remedies. i wasn't for the crying it out idea, so i just dealt with it. the bad news - it took a few months. the good news - it only took a few months! it's especially hard with breastfeeding because you never really know how much food they're getting and you don't want to deprive them. hang in there. there's a lot of good advice out there, but then a lot of bad advice, too. best bet is probably to check with the doc.

    here's some other good info:

    When babies are able to sleep through the night and when they actually do are often very different things. Some infants as young as 3 months old can snooze for six to eight hours at a stretch. Others won't sleep this long until they're 12 months. But most babies (70 percent) do sleep through the night by the time they hit 9 months, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

    Not that "sleeping through the night" means a full night of uninterrupted sleep for you. "'Through the night' is defined as from midnight until five o'clock in the morning," says Judith Owens, a pediatrician and director of the Pediatric Sleep Disorders Clinic at Hasbro Children's Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island.

    You may have heard that bigger babies and babies who eat solids are better sleepers — but it's not true. Your baby's ability to sleep through the night is related to age, not size or diet.

    There's no research to prove that adding rice cereal to the evening bottle, for instance, will help your baby sleep better or longer. In fact, this practice is a choking hazard, and offering solids too early can deprive your baby of the necessary nutrients in breast milk or formula. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that babies be exclusively breastfed for the first four to six months.

    You play a big part in your baby's sleep habits. "Put her to bed drowsy but awake by the time she's 4 months old," says Owens. "This will help her avoid developing a dependence on you to fall asleep and make it easier for her to fall back to sleep on her own when she wakes at night."

    good luck!

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    Talk to you son's doctor. When my daughter was that age I was told to let her cry herself back to sleep. They are old enough by that age to stay full through the night. If he doesn't get a chance to eat every couple of hours at night he'll be hungry in the morning. Sounds like his schedule is backwards. It was a long week but she started sleeping through the night again. Still... ask your doctor first.

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    I see 3 things here:

    - Teething (give painkiller. Baby is breastfeeding at night cause it soothes his gums)

    - Breastfeeding problem (trush, breastfeeding strike)

    Call La Leche free number to pinpoint the problem

    If baby is used to breastfeed in order to fall asleep, you need to breastfeed a bit sooner than the usual time so he will learn to disscociate sleep from breastfeeding

    - Anxiety separation

    Please read previous answer;_ylt=Ahs.h...

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    He could have an ear infection, it hurts to swallow when you have an ear infection. And the inability to sleep was always a sign my kids had another ear infection because it hurts more when you lay flat, it puts pressure on the ears. They would also have a fever after a few days.

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    sounds rough. ive heard if your breast milk dosent have the proper nutritien, the baby will never get full! good luck

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