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Can anyone tell me about Microsoft access?

I am trying to set up a data base for my customers. I run a seasonal lighting company and what I would like to do is be able to pull up a customer's information including a picture of their house. I would like to be able to group them as well so that if I wanted to get a list of all the customers in a certain town I would be able to pull all those customers up. I was told access would be the best prgram to use but I have never worked with it. Does any one have any ideas or suggestions?

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    Access would be a good program for that kind of information, but it can be a little overwhelming. To create it from scratch, you'd need to be able to build a couple of tables (and know how to form relationships between them), a few simple queries, and a couple of forms for entering the data and getting back the result you want.

    There are Access Tutorials all over the web, but you may be better searching for a pre-built database. is one of the best Access information sources I've found for everyone from beginner to expert. I recommend it to all my classes.

    The Microsoft website has some templates that may be useful to you - like this:

    You'd still have to learn a little bit of Access to tweak the template to show a picture, but the bulk of the work is done for you.

    You may also want to check out the program Info Select - probably not as good for exporting data, etc. but much easier to get started cataloging information

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    Hi Stranger :o)

    Well personally havent used Access but in my experience it isnt anything difficult, if you are into computers and capable of learning new and slightly challenging things then with in couple of days you will be able to producing various kind of databases.

    Though the ready made stuff always seems very tempting but at times it lacks few or many things that we want.

    Also the software comes along Microsoft Office Access Help and various other Help Files that can be a good starter. Also you can get loads of help / tips / lessons from Microsoft website.

    Check this weblink:

    Plus if you are ok to spend money then invest in simple books like Dummies series etc. books that comes with sample Access files that you can play with.

    Never start with complicated stuff because it would have lots of dry stuff and boring stuff that will result in probably you changing your mind about learning Access.

    So Starting With Simple is Better.

    Also there are online classes for such stuff, price tag can be from low to high depending on the quality and material.

    Though I shouldnt be saying that but if you got Kazaa, BearShare or any other file sharing subscription then look for some free ebooks on Access :o)

    Good Luck.

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    Access takes a little longer to learn. U can find templates in access or with the online help in access

    Excel would work. Just type in the name, address, city, etc and the sort or filter will provide u with lists by city, phone, zip, whatever u have in the book. pictures may be to big to put on the same page as all your data, u could put pictures(and histories) in a new book with each customer name and other info

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