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Blonde Hair Dye vs Brown Hair Dyes?

My hair is naturally dark brown. If I dye my hair a light, golden brown, will that be easier on my hair than going blonde? I understand "natural" hair is healthiest, but is blonde hair dye more harsh on your hair than brown hair dyes? Thanks so much for any advice!!

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  • Sal*UK
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    1 decade ago
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    The only way to actually lighten your hair is to use bleach - whether you go white blonde or somewhere in between. Bleach damages it - fact. Go for the colour you want! But remember maintenance is expensive!

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    Hi you cant dye your hair blonde if you have dark brown hair as it wont work, you have to bleach it. I recommend using highlighting first as going all blonde will see a bit weird after being dark so long. So us Bblonde Highlight medium to dark brown hair and leave on for the maximum time it says about 2 hours and then you will have lovely blode highligts dont wash off till the hair looks blonde or yellow or white all over as you might end up with ginger patches.

    But if you use a blonde hair dye it wont take at all and if you use just a brown I dont think that will work much either. You can get a hair dye that by LIVE colours which is for dark hair to lighten it but I have never tried it and I wouldnt really recommend it as you could end up orange.

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  • Lori
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    4 years ago

    Bleach; In order to go from dark to light to you need to bleach your hair. It strips color pigmnts from your hair leaving it blonde/etc. So you'll need to use a bleach to go lighter. If you want to avoid th damage use a weak developer. Try using Loreal's quick blue powder bleach with a 10 or 20 vol developer. Also deep condition after doing it and leave your hair unwashed for a few weeks, so that it will let your hair get back to health. Dye; Dye adds pigments to your hair, changing the color. If you apply a blonde dye to your dark hair, you'll end up with blonde/orange roots and a nasty uneven color throughout your hair. You'll never achieve a blonde color, just a horrible uneven mess that you'll nd up having to pay hundreeds of dollars at a salon to get fixed. So, no, the dye won't work. You do need to bleach it. And I'd recommend going to a salon.It'll be worth it in the end.

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    As said before, dark hair would have to be bleached and you are unlikely to get the colour that you want from a regular bleaching alone so you would then have to put a colour on it as well but it isnt recommended that you do it straight after bleaching as your hair needs time to recover. There are some dyes out there that include lighteners in them but they dont give great results. You might be best doing it gradually with highlights - think Jennifer Aniston.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Anytime you lighten your hair, you run the risk of damage. When lightening hair you are usually using harsh chemicals in order to remove the color from the hair (bleach or peroxide). The light brown-if bleaching-means the bleach will not be in your hair as long, when using a peroxide based color the times are usually the same, but the peroxide volume is higher. I would say the healthiest option is going to be a light brown peroxide based color/lightener.

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  • one
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    6 years ago

    There seems to be a great deal of confusion about Haircolor and bleach.

    All permanent haircolors that can lighten hair contain a modified form of bleach. The major difference is that haircolors contain a milder bleach with modifying agents that lighten the natural hair pigment without destroying the coloring agents in the haircolor so they can be deposited this limits the amount of lightening they can do.

    Bleach does not contain coloring agents except the drabbing agent in blue bleach and are formulated to lighten hair as much as possible.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I don't think the colour makes a difference... All hair dyes will damage your hair! The best thing is probably to use special shampoos and conditions for chemically treated hair afterwards, to keep it healthy. Also, a "natural" way to lighten hair is just to pour on lemon juice and then stay out in the sun.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have natural dark brown hair and hed blond hair and now light brown hair look for vigena chestnut brown i think thats how u spell it or blond hair if u want wont make a difference

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    Im Blonde And Brown But Blonde Is Better By Far

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    BLONDE DYE ARE YOU CRAZY???? that is basically bleaching your hair which can dry it out FAST. if you want a lighter color keep the brown but try a LIGHT brown. good luck

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