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sml asked in Politics & GovernmentLaw & Ethics · 1 decade ago

The City of New Haven , CT is giving identity cards to illegals?

The cards allow anyone without state or federal ID, including illegal immigrants, to open bank accounts and use other city services. Is this not going against the patriot act and/or immigration laws ; are we not suppose to be making it harder for illegals of any kind to move within the United States for security purposes?? not to mention taxes , services ; your thoughts


Isn't it making it easier for a terroist to operate within our country ; to get bank accounts etc ; to make it easier to function here as an illegal ; I don't get the security or lack thereof

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    NY is giving them drivers an attempt to make the federal agencies enforce the immigration laws and a heads up where they are, for a fee.

    But Jacob is right, pandering to the illegals at the expense of law bidding citizens is a insult to all.

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    Here is an interesting thought, provide illegal immigrants with State issued ID cards, but not necessarily the same ones issued to actual US citizens. This allows the government to actually keep record and track immigrants. Maybe this is a lead up to doing something about the immigrants who are currently here in the US.

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    1 decade ago

    As someone who livs in Connecticut, im completly ashamed of this. Its like "Hey, youre breaking the law? Here you go, enjoy everything that tax paying, legal citizens enjoy for free! Oh you have more family members in mexico, go ahead, tell em all about out harboring of illegals, its all good!"

    Its a ******* blight on the face of rational and legalities.

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