someone please name this song from afro samurai?

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    Afro Samurai OST is the soundtrack of the T.V. series Afro Samurai

    "Afro Theme" (RZA)

    "Afro Intro" (Instrumental)

    "Certified Samurai" (Talib Kweli, Free Murda, Suga Bang Bang & Terra Tory)

    "Just a Lil Dude (Who Dat Ovah There)" (Q-Tip, Free Murda)

    "Afro's Father Fight" (Instrumental)

    "Oh" (Stone Mecca)

    "The Walk" (Stone Mecca)

    "Bazooka Fight 1" (Instrumental)

    "Who is Tha Man" (Reverend William Burke)

    "Ninjaman" (Instrumental)

    "Cameo Afro" (Big Daddy Kane, GZA & Suga Bang Bang)

    "Tears of a Samurai" (Instrumental)

    "Take Sword Pt. 1" (RZA, Beretta 9)

    "The Empty 7 Theme" (Instrumental)

    "Baby" (Maurice)

    "Take Sword Pt. 2" (60 Second Assassin, True Master)

    "Bazooka Fight 2" (Instrumental)

    "Fury in My Eyes/Revenge" (RZA feat. Thea)

    "Afro Samurai Theme (First Movement)" (Instrumental)

    "Afro Samurai Theme (Second Movement)" (Instrumental)

    "Insomnia" (RZA feat. Jay Love)

    "So Fly" (RZA feat. C.C.F. Division)

    "We All We Got" (RZA feat. Black Knights)

    "Glorious Day" (RZA feat. Dexter Wiggles)

    "Series Outro" (Instrumental)

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    I'm looking for that song, too. its not on the track

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